Current Residents

Mail & Packages

All three residence halls have mailboxes in the building for you to receive mail. 

Barringer & Orlowitz Residence Halls

A key lock mailbox is assigned to each apartment. Your apartment key will open your assigned mailbox or you will receive a separate mailbox key.

Use the address below for incoming mail:

Barringer Residence Hall Resident Name
Barringer Residence, Apt. #___
950 Walnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5596
Orlowitz  Residence Hall Resident Name
Orlowitz Residence, Apt. #___      
1000 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5518

Martin Residence Hall

A combination lock mailbox is assigned to each room. Residents are given the combination when they receive their room keys.

Use the following address for incoming mail:

Resident Name
Martin Residence, Room #___
201 South 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5595

Mail & Packages

The Office of Residential Life has established the following policies regarding mail and packages.


  • Students should not leave keys or any valuables in their mailbox. ORL is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Students must leave a forwarding address in the Housing Portal when completing a termination application. This forwarding address will be used to forward your mail after moving out. Only first class mail will be forwarded for up to one (1) year.
  • Students living in Barringer are responsible for contacting the United States Postal Service to officially change their address upon moving out since the mailboxes in Barringer are managed by the USPS. 


  • Packages are logged at the front desk upon arrival. An email will be sent to your Jefferson email address (or email on-file if not a student) once the package has been received at the front desk. Students will have to come down to the Front Desk to sign for their package. 
  • Students ordering refrigerated food deliveries (Amazon Fresh, Giant Green Pea, etc.) should plan to be available around the delivery time to pick up their items. ORL does not have cold storage for place food items. The student is responsible for picking up their items in a timely manner. After 24 hours all grocery orders will be disposed of if they were not picked up by the resident.
  • Students ordering large packages or furniture items should plan to pick them up shortly after being delivered. Storage space for large packages is very limited.