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Distinctive Learning Environment

Building Capacity

Professional development is key to creating a flexible workforce able to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. Programs can be offered to educate larger segments of the workforce, to help individuals identify areas of interest for higher education, and to help an organization identify and nurture the development of employees with leadership potential.  

  • Education seminars on a new best practice, treatment, or policy
  • Workshops on leadership, governance, and managing change in healthcare
  • Assistance with the implementation of quality and safety initiatives

The Strategic Development Division can develop programs that cover some of the key concepts as the academic offerings, but in less depth and delivered over a shorter period of time.  Or, JSPH can work with your team to develop a customized curriculum tailored to the specific needs of a particular department, division or demographic (e.g., C-suite, board, clinical leaders in charge of quality). 

All programs include a written evaluation tool that is tailored to program objectives and performance improvement goals.  Other assessment and feedback mechanisms are available.

Flexible Schedules & Models

Courses can be offered based on your organization’s needs and timetable.  Options include half-day, full day(s), and weekend offerings.   

Programs can be held in one of three ways:

  • On site – at your location or at JSPH
  • Hybrid  – on site, supplemented by synchronous (live webinars) or asynchronous online activities and assignments
  • Completely Online – synchronous or asynchronous delivery (or a combination) for all classes

Cohorts for a course typically range from 10 – 25 participants, but larger programs (workshops and lecture-based education) are available for groups of 50-100.

Program Management

JSPH can provide any or all of the following services to manage and support educational programs:

  • Content design and development
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Preparation and review of presentations and other educational materials 
  • Evaluation design and summary report
  • On-site coordination and management of program, including logistics

Consulting Services

JSPH also offers a host of consulting services that support the mission of the School and the academic and continuing education programs. Examples of these services include:

  • Development, design, and management of expert panel roundtable meetings
  • Development and management of conferences, symposia, and policy forums
  • Curriculum development for specialized workforce training
  • Technical writing and editorial services, including the creation and production of enduring materials

For further information, including pricing, contact Alexis Skoufalos, EdD, Associate Dean for Strategic Development at (215) 955-2822 or