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Health Economics & Outcomes Research Fellowships

The health economics and outcomes research fellowships offered at the Jefferson School of Population Health (JSPH) build on the school’s 20-year history of excellence in examining the quality, cost, and policies applied within the healthcare system. Since 1994, JSPH has offered fellowships through industry sponsors to train health professionals with a variety of backgrounds and interests for careers in outcomes research. JSPH is proud to have one of the oldest and most established outcomes research fellowship programs in the country, with more than 30 alumni to date.

The primary objectives of the two-year fellowship program are met through a combination of formal coursework, project, and research experiences, all of which are tailored to the goals of each Fellow. While no two fellowship experiences are exactly alike, below are the goals of the program that are of the utmost importance for all Fellows in our program:

  • Educate the Fellow regarding the principles and applications of research and demonstrate their use in evaluating healthcare interventions
  • Develop the Fellow’s understanding of U.S. healthcare policy and the policy implications of outcomes research findings;
  • Provide focused learning about the measurement of healthcare quality, safety, and cost in various settings;
  • Expose the Fellow to a variety of perspectives regarding the costs of medical and pharmaceutical care, including those of health plans, managed care organizations, the pharmaceutical and device industry, and academia;
  • Foster the leadership qualities required for a Fellow to effectively manage projects in a variety of healthcare settings.

One of the unique aspects of our programs is the ability to take courses during the fellowship. Through educational support provided by JSPH and their industry sponsor, Fellows have the opportunity to take courses to help achieve their learning objectives and, if desired, earn a certificate or masters degree in public health, health policy, healthcare quality and safety, or applied health economics (Fall 2011). We believe that formal coursework should be an integral component of a positive fellowship experience that will adequately prepare Fellows for working in a variety of settings after graduation.

In addition to the academic component, Fellows typically spend the second half of the program working at the site of their industry sponsor. This experience allows them to see how the research techniques that they have learned are applied in a corporate setting. During this time, Fellows have a chance to interact with colleagues throughout the industry organization and learn how outcomes research is valued by various internal stakeholders. The diversity of relationships and interactions that fellows are afforded allows them to make well-informed decisions regarding their future careers.

The success of our fellowship alumni and the sense of community that they share are the strongest testaments to the strength of our program. Because of the dedication and leadership of those actively involved in the program, and our alumni, the Jefferson School of Population Health Fellowships in Health Economics & Outcomes Research continue to flourish in training bright minds to further this young science.