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Health Economics & Outcomes Research Alumni

Since 1994, JSPH has offered fellowships through industry sponsors to train health professionals with a variety of backgrounds and interests for careers in outcomes research. Below you will find profiles of some of our 36 fellowship graduates.

Dennis M. Meletiche, PharmD

Dennis M. Meletiche, PharmD

Dr. Meletiche, the Global Franchise Head HSR in Neurology at Merck Serono, has over 10 years of experience in the field of Health Outcomes Research and has held positions of escalating responsibility in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, and also holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Following the completion of his PharmD in 1999, Dr. Meletiche enrolled at Thomas Jefferson University for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in Health Economics & Outcomes Research. The first year of the fellowship was balanced between taking courses and working on research projects as a member of the outcomes research team at Thomas Jefferson University. The second year of the fellowship was spent at GlaxoSmithKline, where Dr. Meletiche took leadership roles in health economics and outcomes research projects for products in Respiratory, CNS, Metabolism, Anti-infectives, and Cardiovascular therapeutic areas.

Upon completion of the fellowship, Dr. Meletiche joined Johnson & Johnson, where he spent six years in headquarters-based and regionally based positions in health economics and outcomes research. From an initial position of Project Manager, Dr. Meletiche progressed to the position of Associate Director, in which he was responsible for the overall planning and execution of Outcomes Research activities in preparation for the US launch of a new injectable antispychotic. These activities resulted in a number of research publications, as well as the development and deployment of interactive health economic models to support decision making by US customers.

In his current role, Dr. Meletiche leads a team of Health Outcomes Researchers in generating and disseminating Health Outcomes information to regional and national managed markets customers in the US. The work conducted by Dr. Meletiche and his team has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed publications and professional congresses, and has been adopted by other affiliates outside the US, including UK, Germany, Spain and Russia. His research interests and expertise include comparative effectiveness research, adherence measurement and the role of cost-effectiveness analysis as part of the drug evaluation process for formulary decisions.

Vanja Sikirica, PharmD, MPH


Dr. Sikirica is Director of Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research at Shire Pharmaceuticals. He completed his clinical training at the University of Maryland where he obtained a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. While at Maryland, he gained experience in outcomes research working as a research associate in the pharmaceutical research department. After receiving his PharmD in 2003, Dr. Sikirica enrolled in a two-year outcomes research fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University, with the second year spent at Ortho-McNeil Janssen. In 2010, he received a Master’s of Public Health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

Following his completion of the TJU fellowship, Dr. Sikirica spent six years in positions of increasing responsibility within outcomes research, health economics and reimbursement for Johnson & Johnson, including positions in both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. As Associate Director of Health Economics and Reimbursement at Ethicon, he was responsible for leading the global health economic, outcomes research and reimbursement activities for medical devices in Ethicon’s Women’s Health and Urology franchises. At Ortho-McNeil Janssen, Dr. Sikirica managed a portfolio of outcomes research projects supporting pharmaceutical products in the anti-infective, pain management and anti-psychotic therapeutic areas.

Dr. Sikirica is currently responsible for providing strategic planning and implementation of health outcomes programs to support the launch, pricing, and reimbursement for Shire products across global markets. He continues to be a licensed pharmacist in two states and is an active member of national pharmacy and outcomes research societies, for which he serves as a reviewer for a peer-reviewed conferences and publications.

Seina Lee, PharmD, MS


Dr. Lee is currently an Associate Director in Worldwide Market Access for Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Services, LLC, in the area of infectious disease. She is a 2006 graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Pharmacy, where she obtained both her PharmD and MS in Pharmacy Administration degrees. Fortunate to have exposure to pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research throughout her academic career, she found herself drawn to the potential career opportunities in this area. After researching potential fellowship opportunities in health economics and outcomes research, she interviewed for various programs throughout the country and chose to participate in the fellowship program offered by Thomas Jefferson University from 2006 to 2008.

During the first year of the fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University, Dr. Lee served as a member of research teams designing, implementing, and disseminating outcomes and health service research. She completed coursework in epidemiology, biostatistics, research design and methods, health economics, pharmacoeconomics and quality of life and issues in health policy. The second year of her fellowship was spent at Ortho-McNeil Janssen, where she had the opportunity to take the lead role in a number of health economics projects, requiring her to collaborate closely with colleagues from marketing, clinical development, medical communications, and regulatory affairs. Her work on these projects was recognized with two Best New Investigator Poster Presentation Awards at the 2008 International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) meeting.

Upon completion of the program, Dr. Lee took a position as a Manager in Worldwide Health Economics & Pricing with Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Services in the area of immunology. In that position, Dr. Lee was responsible for managing a variety of health economic projects and providing health economic input to the design of global clinical trials. She had the opportunity to assist in the development of value propositions for immunology products and to support the development of global strategies for their market access and reimbursement. In her current role as a Manager in Worldwide Market Access, Dr. Lee focuses on market access strategies for compounds in early development across multiple therapeutic areas.

When asked what drew her to pursue a career in health economics, Dr. Lee responded that “As health technology evolves, costs of health care will rise, and the need for affordable, high quality care will create a demand for sophisticated and innovative approaches in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. I believe pharmacists can make valuable contributions in these efforts.”

Mark J. Bachleda, PharmD, MBA


Dr. Bachleda has over 10 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry across Sales Management, Marketing, Pricing & Market Access, Medical Affairs, and International Commercial Operations.  He has been with Amgen, Inc since 2003 in sales and marketing roles of increasing responsibility on the Aranesp® & EPOGEN® brand teams and Nephrology Sales Management. Currently, Dr. Bachleda is an Executive Director of Oncology Sales for the Southeast Region of the US at Amgen.

Prior to Amgen, Dr. Bachleda worked for PFIZER, Inc in Pricing & Market Access (US & ex-US) and JOHNSON & JOHNSON in Medical Affairs.  He is a registered pharmacist and received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago (PharmD).  Dr. Bachleda completed the Ortho-McNeil Janssen and Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) fellowship in Health Economics & Outcomes Research in Philadelphia, PA and holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from Columbia University and University of California, Berkeley.

Matthew H. Nguyen, PharmD, MBA

Dr. Nguyen is Vice President of Integrated Healthcare Management & Medical Affairs at Valeritas Inc. Matt completed his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science in 1994 and 1996. Following his didactic training, Matt was selected as the first Ortho-McNeil Janssen and Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) fellow in the Health Economics & Outcomes Research Fellowship program.

After completing his fellowship, Matt joined Knoll Pharmaceutical Company and helped establish a Health Economics department. He was responsible for developing and executing outcomes studies in managed care, developing managed care marketing strategies to support pricing and reimbursement, and disseminating clinical and economic data for product reviews.

In 2000, Matt joined sanofi-aventis to establish and manage a Health Economics department for US Medical Affairs. While at sanofi-aventis he held positions of increasing responsibility in health economics. Matt left outcomes research in late 2001 to pursue commercial opportunities in new product marketing and brand management for products such as Apidra® and Acomplia®. In addition to various marketing roles during his tenure, Matt was responsible for leading a team of sales analytics, market researchers, and forecasters that supported the CNS franchise. His experience and knowledge helped him to achieve leadership positions across clinical and commercial functions.

In 2005, Matt joined Johnson & Johnson as a New Business Development Director. In this role, his was responsible for developing and executing licensing strategies directly supporting Janssen, LP. Matt also led various teams evaluating potential acquisition targets that supported Johnson & Johnson growth strategies in pharmaceuticals.

In late 2006, Matt took a position with Valeritas, Inc. as Vice President for Integrated Healthcare Management & Medical Affairs. His responsibilities included developing a full commercialization strategy and helping to secure private financing for the company to launch V-Go™, an innovative insulin delivery technology. Matt’s current responsibilities as a member of the commercial leadership team include building and leading internal and field based teams across medical affairs, distribution, and managed care to support the launch of V-Go™.