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Jefferson Librarians Showcase Expertise at Temple University's Teaching Conference

Megan Donnelly, Outreach and Engagement Librarian of the Paul J. Gutman Library on the East Falls Campus, and Jess Saunders, Information Services Librarian of the Scott Memorial Library on the Center City Campus, presented at the Temple University Center for the Advancement of Teaching’s 22nd Annual Faculty Conference on Teaching Excellence on January 11, 2024. The conference theme was “Teaching and Learning in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence.”

Jess and Megan’s breakout session was titled “Setting Students Up for Success with Research Assignments: An Evidence-based Practice from Two Librarians.” (You can sign up for an upcoming session on our workshop calendar) The session focused on using evidence-based practices to create research assignments and support information literacy learning interventions to increase students’ information literacy skills and reduce AI plagiarism.

The breakout session began with a brief closed-eye reflection. Next, they shared information about inequities and disparities with information literacy that exist at every level of the curricula, as well as current issues involving academic integrity and AI, making evidence-based practice imperative. They highlighted collaborating with librarians, orienting students to the research process, and creating inclusive assignment instructions. Finally, attendees were invited to apply what they learned in an active and collaborative exercise where they were given research assignment instructions and asked how they may improve them.

Megan and Jess were grateful to have the opportunity to advocate for using evidence-based teaching practices for information literacy, students, librarians, and libraries!

Megan and Jess will present this session again on Tuesday, April 16, for Jeffersonians. Learn more and register for the session on our website.