Nurses Have Heart

Throughout her clincial experience, FACT-1 student Emily Hackett, focused on providing patient care and developing her bedside manner. Emily was surprised to find that her efforts did not go unnoticed when she recieved a gift from her  patient.

"I was in a patient's room helping with something when a nurse knocked on the door looking for me. I was confused at first because typically, you hear people asking for other nurses, not the students. When I came out of the room, one of my patients being discharged was waiting to give me a gift before they left. It was a notepad and pen that read, Nurses Have Heart."

"Not to sound cheesy, but in that moment my heart melted. I have had previous patients tell me that I provided great care for them and it has always made me feel good, but getting a gift from a patient went beyond that. This was priceless and it showed me that providing excellent patient care really is so important. It is something I will always remember and cherish throughout my career as a nurse."