Jefferson College of Nursing Wins Assessment and Impact Award for Nursing Education

Thomas Jefferson University’s Jefferson College of Nursing (JCN) received the 2022 Assessment and Impact Award for Nursing Education from Skyfactor Benchworks for significantly increasing student satisfaction.

Skyfactor Benchworks provides schools with a means to engage in research-based benchmarking, identify areas of opportunity and design targeted programmatic improvements. After data highlighted a need for faculty responsiveness and student feedback, JCN implemented tactics to address areas of concern, including faculty training, updating rubrics and course evaluations, and the use of technology to better engage students with faculty.

To increase responsiveness to student concerns, faculty scheduled time at the beginning and end of class sessions to address questions and comments. They also continued to reinforce the use of discussion boards on the online portal for enhanced communication.

Faculty also worked to revise grading rubrics for key assignments to establish clear expectations for performance. For assignments that did not meet expectations, faculty put a process in place to provide individualized feedback to students.

“Jefferson College of Nursing develops practice-ready nurses who are prepared to lead from day one,” says Associate Dean Mary Hanson-Zalot, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE. “This imperative allows us to be responsive to student and faculty feedback in real-time, pivoting to craft the most dynamic and creative educational programming in nursing.

“Our collaborative culture among stakeholders was key to develop the action plans necessary to improve outcomes,” Dr. Zalot adds. “This award truly reflects our commitment to offer highly impactful programs of excellence as we prepare the workforce of the future.”