Jeanne M. Felter, PhD, LPC

Department Chair, Counseling & Behavioral Health
Associate Professor
Director, Jefferson Trauma Education Network (J-TEN)

Jeanne Felter


4201 Henry Avenue
East Falls Campus
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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Jeanne M. Felter, PhD, LPC

Department Chair, Counseling & Behavioral Health
Associate Professor
Director, Jefferson Trauma Education Network (J-TEN)


Dr. Felter is a Professional Counselor and Education Psychologist.  She earned a Master’s in Counseling and Doctorate in Education Psychology from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  She joined the faculty at Philadelphia University after serving as a full-time Lecturer within the counseling programs at The University of Pennsylvania. 

In addition to serving as the Director of the CTC Program, Dr. Felter is actively involved in the teaching and clinical training of CTC students.  She generates and oversees students’ clinical placements, and provides group supervision to first-year students who are involved in field placements.  She also teaches or has taught Practicum I: Introduction to Helping Skills, Advanced Theories, Group Counseling, and Advanced Interventions in Trauma Treatment. 

Dr. Felter has extensive experience providing clinical and managerial oversight in community and school-based mental health settings, and has particular expertise working with urban children, adolescents and families who have endured adversity and traumatic stress.  She has developed and implemented trauma-informed curriculum in Philadelphia schools to universally promote the social and emotional growth of urban children.  Currently, Jeanne provides trainings to school staff and administrators on the topic of trauma-informed education to promote empathic and student-centered interventions in classrooms and schools, as well as trainings within community settings to promote trauma-competent service provision.  She is a mental health consultant to urban schools that serve under-resourced children and families, and she is also a clinician and consultant for the Violence Intervention Program (VIP) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she assists with the training and supervision of clinical staff, and further facilitates trauma groups for assault-injured youth.



Selected Publications


  • Rene, R., Cherson, M., Rannazzisi, A., Felter, J., Silverio, A., & Cunningham, A. (under review). Impact and feasibility of providing telemedicine
  • Johnson, N., Felter, J., Moh, Y., Chen, J. & Caputa, A. (accepted for publication). Working faith: A university-community collaboration to support healing-centered practices within faith communities. Adultspan.
  • Wycoff, K., Dunbar, A., Miller, J. & Felter, J. (under revision). Motherhood among young Black Women: Wisdom and survival amidst trauma, racism, and structural oppression.
  • Wycoff, K., Felter J., Dunbar, A. (under revision). Early Childhood Mental Health: The Role of the School-Based Mental Health Provider in Building Consultative Alliances across Diverse Populations.
  • Wycoff, K., Felter, J., & Dunbar, A. (under revision). “I ain’t ready. It’s time to get ready:” Exploring dichotomous feelings about motherhood among young Women of Color.
  • Felter, J., DiDonato, S., Baker, A., Hass, R., & Gorenberg, M. (Fall 2017). Using trauma case-based learning to inspire interprofessional readiness among future health professionals. Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional practice, education, and evaluation, 8(2), 3-5.
  • Felter, J.M. & Gorenberg, M. (2015). Bridging Clinics and Classrooms:  Creating Trauma-Informed Learning Communities. Educational Session presented at the conference for The Advancement of School Mental Health. New Orleans, LA: November.
  • Felter, J. (2016). Creating Trauma Informed School Communities. Faculty Expert Lecture presented at the Defending Childhood Conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice. Washington, DC: April.
  • Felter, J.M. (2014, January 3). Poverty, violence and trauma. The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Dr. Felter is actively mentoring CTC and colleagues in the field of counseling, counselor education and supervision. One example of her mentorship involves her inclusion of students and graduates in the ongoing community-based projects through the Jefferson Trauma Education Network (J-TEN).


Courses Taught

  • Foundations of Trauma Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Advanced Theories and Practice
  • Orientation to the Counseling Profession

Research & Scholarship

Areas of Interest: Child trauma; impact of stress/ adversity on development; School-based mental health (K-12); Trauma-informed school practices; Adolescent mental health; Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma; Medical/Mental Health Provider Wellness; Trauma informed curriculum and contexts in higher education

Leadership & Advocacy

Leadership & Service

  • Member, Jefferson College of Health Professions Executive Committee. Sept 2018-present.
  • Member, Jefferson College of Health Professions Leadership Committee. Sept 2018-present.
  • Member, Jefferson Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee. May 2020-present.
  • Member, Jefferson Enterprise Mental Health and Wellness Committee. December 2020-present.
  • Steering Committee Member, Philadelphia Adverse Childhood Experience Taskforce. Sept. 2014-present.
  • Advisory Board Member, Coalition for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP). September, 2017-present.
  • Representative, Collaborative Opportunities to Advance Community Health (COACH) Jefferson Health, 2019-present.
  • Board Member, COACH Trauma Advisory Board, September 2020-present.
  • Member, Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (JCIPE) Curriculum Committee, September 2020-present.
  • Member, JCIPE Conference Planning Committee, September 2020-present.
  • Member, Sydney Kimmel Medical College DEI Curriculum Committee, September 2020-present.
  • Co-Chair, Thomas Jefferson Enterprise Trauma-Informed Care Committee, September 2020-present.
  • Board Member, Jefferson Academic Board, Finance Sub-Committee, September 2017-August 2020.
  • Advisory Board Member, Harlem Lacrosse. September, 2017-August, 2020.
  • Member, Gender Equity Taskforce, Thomas Jefferson University & Health System, 2019-August 2020.
  • Chair, Nutrition Department Chair Search Committee, College of Health Professionals. May 2019-April 2020.


Dr. Felter was the Director of the CTC program from its inception in 2013 until her promotion to Chair of the newly established Counseling and Behavioral Health Department in July 2019. Dr. Felter is an Associate Professor in the CTC Program. Dr. Felter earned a Master’s of Arts (2001) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a PhD (2009) in Education Psychology from The Catholic University of America.  Dr. Felter has clinical expertise in the treatment of urban children, adolescents and families who have endured adverse experiences and traumatic stress. Dr. Felter is a Steering Committee member of The Philadelphia Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Taskforce, and a board member for the Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice. She was employed as a full-time faculty member within the University of Pennsylvania’s Counseling and Mental Health Services programs for three years prior to coming to Jefferson in May 2013 to develop and lead the Community and Trauma Counseling Program. She is an active member of the American Counseling Association, the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, and the North Atlantic Region Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES).