Center for Faculty Development & Nexus Learning

Jefferson Educator

Jefferson Educators represent teachers, researchers, leaders, and innovators with a passion for forward-thinking education. 

We are inspired by our learners, our disciplines, and our professional practices. We build experiences and programs that simultaneously champion and challenge our learners. We use research-based teaching practices to create learner-centered experiences. Regardless of environment, these experiences engage learners in collaborative and transdisciplinary thinking. We help learners transform instructional insights into solutions for authentic, real-world problems.

Always willing to experiment with teaching strategies and practices, we develop frameworks for continual improvement that expand with each success and failure. We engage in critical self-reflection and model a growth mindset. In doing so, we develop forward-thinking, lifelong learners who think big and critically about the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Assessment for Learning – Defines learner success, evaluates learning outcomes, and provides timely, consistent feedback to improve student learning.
  • Critical Self-Reflection – Engages in critical analysis of one’s self and one’s teaching practices to continuously improve learning experiences.
  • Evidence-based Teaching – Employs educational practices based on best available evidence, rather than tradition or anecdote, to promote learner success.
  • Innovation – Purposefully explores instructional strategies and tools from a variety of contexts to design and redesign educational experiences, energizing learning for one’s self and others.
  • Learner-Centeredness – Implements teaching strategies that shift the focus of instruction to the learner, facilitating autonomy and success.
  • Learning Design – Designs learning experiences aligned with learning goals to enhance learners’ knowledge, skills and attitudes. These experiences integrate practice and feedback for learners’ continued growth.
  • Learning Environment Management – Facilitates a collaborative and inclusive community with awareness and consideration of the learning context, as well as the tools available to engage and support learners
  • Professional Vitality – Continuously cultivates attitudes and skills that promote meaning in work, professional success, and personal fulfillment.