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Jefferson Health Hack participants will work together to put innovation into practice.

Jefferson Health Hack Aims to Reinvent Healthcare Access and Delivery

Exploring the tracks of Health by ZIP Code, Health-Driven Wearables and Redesigning End-of-Life Care, the Jefferson Health Hack returns Nov. 1 to 3.

Over three days, teams will form to come up with a solution to a proposed problem. Problems are identified and brought forward by participants based along the tracks. The problems are proposed, and then groups naturally form as people join them based on interest and ideas. After a presentation to a panel of judges, a winner for each track will be selected, with three grand prize winners receiving $5,000 in funding. The Health Hack is open to the public, and no technical skills are required.

“The Jefferson Health Hack is an excellent opportunity to meet people who want to create solutions in health care and work together putting innovation into practice,” says Robert Pugliese, Jefferson’s director of innovation design. “Whether you’re a student, patient or an experienced healthcare provider, you can gain something from this environment where you have such a diverse group of people all working together to hack health care.”

A healthcare hackathon thrives on the collision of different worlds, experiences and cultures, he says. It brings together people from disparate disciplines who may not work together otherwise to dream up scalable solutions for health care’s most pressing issues. These meetups can drive ideas and startups worth millions, as well as jumpstart significant improvements in daily practices.

Visit here to sign up and learn more about the Health Hack and tracks. Watch the video below for a recap of last year’s event.