Interior Design Program Named As One of the Nation’s Top By Architectural Digest

When Architectural Digest dropped its “15 Best Interior Design Schools for Aspiring Decorators” list, they shouted out the great things accomplished within the “robust” interior-design program at Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Architecture & the Built Environment.

“The program … offers a functional and technical education peppered with interdisciplinary courses on topics such as human behavior, sustainable design, construction detailing, building systems, and more,” the magazine wrote.

“Studios and coursework synthesize creative experimentation and research-driven problem solving,” it continued. “Collaborative work reflects real-world design processes, and students may pursue secondary specializations in business, construction management, textile design, historic preservation, or photography.”

The piece also cited the optional study-abroad programs in Copenhagen and Rome; the program’s Council for Interior Design Accreditation; the accessibility of internships and professional partnerships; notable alumni like Ghislaine Viñas and Kim Wannop; and job placement statistics.

Lauren Baumbach, director of the Interior Design and Interior Architecture programs at Thomas Jefferson University, couldn’t have been happier about the news.

“It is fantastic that our Interior Design Program at Jefferson has been recognized to be amongst the top in the nation,” Baumbach said. “I would like to thank our faculty and students for their incredible drive and dedication in helping build a program known for its creative excellence and professionalism.”

The ranking also came as a welcomed tidbit for Viñas.

“After almost 30 years, I still look back to my days at Thomas Jefferson University, then Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, with many fond memories,” she said.

“Surviving, and thriving in the interior-design business meant that I needed a strong foundation to start my career, and that’s exactly what I received,” Viñas added. “I feel so proud that Jefferson has continued to grow and succeed at being in the top of their field at educating and preparing the next group of dynamic, determined and talented designers.”