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Best Master's in Construction Management Degree Programs Announced

The MS in construction management program at Jefferson was ranked #21 out of 354 programs in the US, and was ranked “Best in Optionality”. This program is a professional degree with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to construction education with a global perspective, expertise and training in the principles of sustainability. Find out more on the various  MSCM degree options available.

Intelligent considers themselves an unbiased, research driven entity helping students find the best fit on their higher education journey. Recently, Intelligent took on evaluating 354 Master’s in Construction Management programs and ranking the best programs in the US. In The Top 40 Master’s in Construction Management Degree Programs is Jefferson’s Master of Science degree in Construction Management (MSCM), a STEM-designated (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program.

As the population and businesses of the world continue to grow, there will be large investments in improvements of infrastructure. The professional that will help accomplish and oversee those projects are going to be the construction managers that are ready to take on the complexities of sustainable structures and a spectrum of building industry professionals—tradespeople (masons, plumbers and electricians), professional services and consultants (architects, engineers, and estimators), and the project developers/owners.

The programs were determined on an Intelligent Score from 0 to 100, based on Strength, Student Readiness, Return on Investment, Cost, and Student Engagement. Intelligent’s best and top-ranking programs “are highly-regarded, economical, and equipped with the tools needed to teach their given degree.” Find out more on Intelligent’s Ranking Methodology.

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