Jefferson's Writing Program Wins Certificate of Excellence

2021 Writing Progrm Certificate of Excellence

Jefferson’s Writing Program has won a Certificate of Excellence from the college section of the National Council of Teachers of English, the Conference on  College Composition and Communication. The certificate has been awarded for Jefferson’s series of interlinked undergraduate writing courses that East Falls undergraduates take as part of the Hallmarks Core Program. 

As Writing Program Director, Dr. Katie Gindlesparger, says, “first-year writing is a gateway to the university, and we are proud that our students are welcomed to Jefferson via this award-winning program. What distinguishes our writing courses from others is the professional focus: students learn how to invent an idea that responds to academic research, and then translate this idea to more applied contexts.” Gindlesparger also points to the role of the faculty in the success of the program: four faculty have won university-level awards for their teaching and research, and writing faculty typically receive effusive thanks from students via the teaching evaluations. 

Dean Barbara Kimmelman notes, “When describing our Writing Program, I often say ‘These are not your Grandma’s Composition I and II. These are courses designed to create thoughtful professional communicators who can think critically to identify target audiences and effectively use both text and image to inform and persuade.”

Outstanding student writing is also showcased each year via the Writing Program’s Excellence in Writing Awards. Stay tuned to hear some incredible student work! The NCTE awards ceremony will be held May 12.