Community & Trauma Counseling Program Earns 8 Year Accreditation by CACREP

The College of Health Professions’ Community and Trauma Counseling Program, recently received an 8-year accreditation as a clinical mental health counseling program from The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). This honor illustrates the program’s innovative and relevant curriculum, while speaking to the high standards to which the program strives.

Dr, Kirby Wycoff, program director of the Community and Trauma Counseling (CTC) program, speaks of the importance of the accreditation.

“This is an important accomplishment for the CTC community,” says Dr. Wycoff.
“With this designation of excellence, we will continue to amplify the need for trauma-informed, healing centered practices in the behavioral health space.”

Dr. Jeanne Felter, chair of the Counseling and Behavioral Health Department, which houses the CTC program, notes that she is proud of the program.

“We have always been proud of the innovative program we built at Jefferson,” Dr. Felter says. “This recognition validates our pride and will help to raise the prominence of our program nationally.”

This milestone not only helps the program build, grow and sustain its successful graduate program, but also exhibits that Jefferson’s Community and Trauma Counseling program attains high academic and clinical training measures.