To Our Jefferson Community

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs. v. Jackson case, many across the Jefferson community are experiencing a range of emotions. 

After careful consideration and thought, we recognize that our diverse community has varying, even opposing, and passionately held opinions about this decision.  The ruling by the court also arrives during an already stressful time when we find ourselves dealing with many issues in our country and the world such as the ongoing COVID pandemic, unrest, poverty, violence, increasing homicides, and the war in Ukraine to name just a few.

We would like to give clear information regarding the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision on the care available at Jefferson. The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade means that there is no longer a national policy.  Currently, the state of the law has not changed in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.  Therefore, we will continue to offer the same services as always. 

There are several things to highlight as our Jefferson community reflects on the impact of the Supreme Court ruling:

  • Regardless of anyone’s personal position on this ruling, all Jeffersonians remain united in our mission to improve lives.
  • Our deep commitment to all in the diverse communities we serve will not change.
  • The open exchange of ideas and perspectives is at the heart of our academic mission. This is how our students learn to think critically and respectfully.
  • We will continue to provide access to the highest quality of care for everyone, including reproductive and prenatal healthcare. 
  • We remain committed to women’s healthcare and to the realization of their full potential. We also remain cognizant of the fundamental importance of the relationship between care provider and patient and the ability to make full, informed healthcare decisions within that relationship.
  • We will continue to educate students in comprehensive reproductive health.

The Supreme Court decision has no effect on the care offered at Jefferson.  We are proud that our community has shown time and time again that regardless of our personally held views, we come together to improve the lives of our students and patients.


H. Richard Haverstick, Jr.
Interim CEO,  Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

Bruce A. Meyer, MD, MBA
President, Jefferson Health & SEVP, Thomas Jefferson University

Mark Tykocinski, MD
President, Thomas Jefferson University & The Anthony F. and Gertrude M. DePalma Dean of Sidney Kimmel Medical College