Meet Our Student: Ishita Suratwala

What are you studying at Jefferson?

Master of Science in Interior Architecture.

Why did you choose Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson University offers a unique course program that is well-suited to my background in architecture and would significantly enhance my expertise. In contrast to many other courses that primarily concentrate on interior design, the curriculum at Thomas Jefferson University provides a comprehensive and forward-looking approach. It encompasses a wide range of topics that are more relevant to the current and future trends in the industry. Additionally, the coursework includes valuable collaborations and explores the intersection of sustainability and interior design.

Where are you from originally?

Maharashtra, India.

What is the best part of your studies?

The studio offers a comprehensive and thorough method that addresses every aspect of the design process, starting from analyzing and studying the context, through conceptualizing the design, considering precedents, incorporating color theory, planning lighting design, and creating detailed drawings and renders. The allocated time for each of these stages enables me to delve deeply into the design process while adhering to the given schedule. Additionally, the course encompasses various design types, ranging from small to large-scale projects, individual and collaborative work, and covers a wide range of project types, including residential, commercial, and those focused on well-being.

How do you and will you benefit from the MSIA program being STEM designated?

STEM designation has better global recognition in the job market. It gives us a validation mark from the industry that the program we have taken complies with the standards required and an in-depth study of the codes, regulations etc. Having STEM-designated courses on your resume can open a wider range of job opportunities and potentially lead to higher salaries.

What’s something people would be surprised to find out about you?

When I was young, I participated in a commercial and walked the runway for a fashion show. Additionally, I was even considered for the main role in another advertisement as a child actor.

Tell us about a project you’re working on or award/honor you’ve recently received.

I am currently working on a project in my office which is a redevelopment project in Philadelphia. The process of this project is very interesting and rewarding on many levels. I had the opportunity to attend a community meeting and it made me feel proud of choosing this field; the influence designing has on the lives of people is very satisfying.