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New Programs Announcement: Integrative Health

Jefferson Introduces Integrative Health Graduate Programs for Health Professionals

In partnership with the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health – Jefferson Health, the Institute of Emerging Health Profession introduces a Master of Science in Integrative Health and advanced practice certificate in Integrative Health Education -- rounding out current advanced practice certificate options in Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Nutrition.

These programs are taught by experts and leaders at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, a component of the historic, first-ever Department of Integrative Medicine & Nutritional Sciences at a U.S. medical school.  These programs combine the best of modern medical science with innovative, integrative health and wellness approaches designed to empower patients, add value to their treatment plans and enhance health and vitality.

The Master of Science in Integrative Health Sciences degree offers health professionals an opportunity to gain a deep background in integrative health in order to meet the growing demand for wellness-oriented strategies to improve health outcomes and well-being. The Masters can be completed by stacking all three advanced practice certificates along with a capstone research course as determined by the program director.

Certificates include:

At Jefferson, Integrative Medicine is a new specialty, and integrative health includes the combined medical services and wellness therapies that are utilized in our practice to improve overall health status.

“Jefferson has been a key player in bringing integrative medicine into the mainstream, building a comprehensive program that’s unparalleled anywhere in the world,” said Daniel A. Monti, MD, MBA, senior vice president and CEO of Jefferson’s Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, as well as the Ellen and Ron Caplan Professor and Chair of the department of Integrative Medicine & Nutritional Sciences. “We already established the nation’s first academic department of integrative medicine, and adding these new programs to healthcare providers is a natural evolution of Jefferson’s longstanding leadership.”