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Perfusion Student Participates in Organ Procurement

Organ procurement encompasses a large network of team members. All who partake are extensively trained to communicate effectively and execute time sensitive tasks in an orderly manner, for the purpose of prolonging individual(s) life expectancy through allogenic organ donation. As a Perfusion student, Kyle was granted the opportunity to be a fundamental constituent in the process of organ harvesting. "Being a part of the events which precede allogenic organ transplantation into the recipient, has expanded my field of view in healthcare, as well as, continues to strengthen my knowledge foundation within Perfusion and Extracorporeal Technology, as I continue my pursuit at Thomas Jefferson University."

Individuals that encounter terminal malady or whom succumb for other reasons that lead to brain stem or circulatory death, may consent to organ donation themselves or by direct family permission. Kyle acted as an essential partner to the cardio-thoracic surgeon that he accompanied for  procurement. The course of action in harvesting organs is largely dependent on time management, prompt communication among practitioners at the donor site, practitioners at the recipient site, and the Gift of Life team members. Kyle was responsible for preparing the necessary supplies, whether the objective was to harvest an individuals' heart, lungs, or both. By paying close attention to chronography, being immediately available to assist alongside the CT surgeon, and effectively administering the organ preservation solutions, this position provides instant gratification as they continue to elongate the life expectancy of so many ailing individuals.