Edward Santilli

Assistant Professor of Physics



316 Search Hall
East Falls Campus 4201 Henry Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144



Edward Santilli

Assistant Professor of Physics


PhD, Physics, University of North Carolina (2015)
MS, Physics, University of North Carolina (2011)
BS, Physics & Mathematics, Millersville University (2002)


  • V. K. Chalamalla, E. Santilli, A. Scotti, M. Jalali, and S. Sarkar, “SOMAR-LES: A framework for multi-scale modeling of turbulent stratified oceanic flows,” Ocean Modeling, vol. 120, pp. 101–119, Dec. 2017.
  • E. Santilli and A. Scotti, “The Stratified Ocean Model with Adaptive Refinement (SOMAR),” J. Comput. Phys., vol. 291, pp. 60–81, June 2015.
  • E. Santilli and A. Scotti, “An efficient method for solving highly anisotropic elliptic equations,” J. Comput. Phys., vol. 230, pp. 8342–8359, Sept. 2011


Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA, 2005 – Secondary Education Certificate

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the development of accurate, stable, and efficient algorithms to numerically model geophysical fluid flows. Geophysical fluid dynamics presents several challenges that currently make a complete model computationally intractable or physically unreliable. Each facet of my research tends to address one or both of these issues in an effort to better understand energy propagation and transformation in the ocean.

Focus Areas

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Adaptive Mesh Refinement, Stratified Flows, Nonlinear Internal Waves.