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Angela Marie Gerolamo, PhD, PMH-NP, BC


Research & Clinical Interests

Dr. Gerolamo is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with more than two decades of experience. She has expertise in evaluation design and has led numerous healthcare and educational program evaluations. Her research interests include assessing psychosocial factors that contribute to healthcare use and examining unmet behavioral health needs of vulnerable populations. She received funding through the Provost’s Clincial Research Award to examine factors that contribute to seeking acute care among home health care patients from the perspectives of patients, their caregivers, and providers. This study also examined the acceptability of using an on-demand telehealth intervention among home health patients, caregivers and providers. In prior work funded by the Emergency Medicine Foundation and Emergency Nurses Association, Dr. Gerolamo and her colleagues developed the “Uncertainty Scale”, (U-scale) to determine if uncertainty contributes to the decions to seek emegceny care during an acute care episode. She also conducted and published a qualitative study examining patient-identified needs when seeking care in the emergency department.


Post-Masters Degree, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Drexel University (2020)
PhD, University of Pennsylvania (2006) 
MSN, Temple University (2002) 
BSN, Bloomsburg University (1997)


Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Hanson-Zalot, M., Gerolamo, A.M., Ward, J. (2019). “The voices of graduates: Informing Faculty practices to establish best practices for readying NCLEX-RN applicants. Open Journal of Nursing, 9: 125-136. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2019.92012   

Use of Group Concept Mapping to Identify Patient Domains of Uncertainty That Contribute to Emergency Department Use

Patient-Identified Needs Related to Seeking a Diagnosis in the Emergency Department

Patient Uncertainty as a Predictor of 30-day Return Emergency Department Visits: An Observational Study

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in the Medical Intensive Care Unit: a Survey of Caregivers’ Perspectives

Development and preliminary validation of a scale to measure patient uncertainty: The “Uncertainty Scale”

Long-term outcomes of the New Jersey nurse faculty preparation program scholars

Implementation of a Reverse Colocation Model: Lessons from Two Community Behavioral Health Agencies in Rural Pennsylvania

Who will educate our nurses? A strategy to address the nurse faculty shortage in New Jersey

Medicare Coordinated Care

Workload and the nurse faculty shortage: Implications for policy and research

An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship Between Psychiatric Nurses' Perceptions of Workload and Unit Activity

Measuring Adverse Outcomes in Inpatient Psychiatry: The Reliability of Nurse Recall

The Conceptualization of Physical Restraint as a Nursing-Sensitive Adverse Outcome in Acute Care Psychiatric Treatment Settings

Core data elements tracking elder sexual abuse

Profiling the hospital-based psychiatric registered nurse workforce

State of the science: Women and the nonpharmacological treatment of substance abuse

State of the science: Outcomes of acute inpatient psychiatric care



American Nurses Credentialing Center, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, 2020-2025

Professional Organizations


American Psychiatric Nurse’s Association 2003-Present
Workforce Committee 2018-Present
Represenatative for the Behavioral Health Workforce Research Consortium 2019- Present

Awards & Honors


Outstanding Research in Telehealth Award, 2020

Ann Burgess Endowment Award, University of Pennsylvania, 2006

Nurse in Washington Internship Program, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2005

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, Temple University, 2002

Podium Presentations


Umland, E., Gerolamo, A.M., Sicks, S., & Collins, L. “Development and implementation of a comprehensive evaluation plan: The cornerstone of centers for interprofessional practice and education.” Workshop presentation at Collaborating Across Borders Conference VII, Indianapolis, IN, October 2019.

Umland, E., Gerolamo, A.M., & Traczuk, A. “A qualitative evaluation of the student hotspotting learning collaborative.” Podium presentation at Collaborating Across Borders Conference VII, Indianapolis, IN, October 2019.

Rising K.L., LaNoue M., Gerolamo A.M., Gentsch A., Doty, A.M.B., Chuang D., & Powell R.E. “Patient uncertainty during an emergency department visit and 30-day emergency department returns.” Podium presentation at Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Conference, Indianapolis, IN, September 2018

Rising K.L., Powell R.E., Gerolamo A.M., Gentsch A., Nord G., Kovalsky D., & LaNoue M. Pilot testing of the “Response to Symptoms” scale to measure patient uncertainty in the emergency department. Podium presentation at the American College of Emergency Physicians Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, October 2017.

Gerolamo, A.M., Conroy, K., & Roemer, G. “An evaluation of the New Jersey Nursing Initiative Faculty Preparation Program: Scholar and program outcomes.” Podium presentation at the National League for Nursing Education Summit, Orlando, FL, September 2016

Hanson-Zalot, M., & Gerolamo, A.M. “The voices of graduates: Informing faculty practices to promote NCLEX success.” Podium presentation at the National League for Nursing Education Summit, Orlando, FL, September 2016.

Shaffer, K., Gerolamo, A.M., Brown, D., & Egger, S. “Health is H.E.R.E.: A radical change to student clinical experiences.” Podium presentation at the National League for Nursing Education Summit, Orlando, FL, September 2016.

Szajna, A., Gerolamo, A.M, Newman, S. D., Gregoski, M., & Hudson, S. Health practices and interactions with the US healthcare system experienced by Bhutanese refugees: A model for community engagement with resettled refugees. Podium presentation at the North American Annual Refugee Health Conference, Rochester, NY, June 2016.

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Gerolamo, Angela M., Jung Y. Kim, and Jonathan D. Brown. “Lessons from Three Models of Integrated Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries.” Presentation at the Center for Studying Disability Policy Research Forum, Mathematica Policy Research, Washington, DC, June 2013.

Kim, Jung Y., Tricia Collins Higgins, Dominick Esposito, Mark Flick, Angela M. Gerolamo, and Allison Hamblin. “Behavioral-Physical Health Integration Pilots Show Promise for Reducing Emergency Department Use and Psychiatric Hospitalizations.” Presentation at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, Orlando, FL, June 2012.

Gerolamo, Angela M., Grace Roemer, and Amy Krilla. “Evaluation of the New Jersey Nursing Initiative.” Presentation at the New Jersey Nursing Initiative Annual Conference, Princeton, NJ, October 2010.

Gerolamo, Angela M., and Grace F. Roemer. “U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program Quality Review Project.” Presentation at the Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program: Continuing the Transformation Conference, Dallas, May 2009.

Washington Internship Program.” Presentation at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Conference, Nashville, TN, November 2005.

Research grants


2020- 2021 Co-Investigator, Jefferson College of Nursing, “Examining the Prevalence of Perinatal Mental Illness to Improve Screening and Treatment.” $12, 920

2019-2020 Principal Investigator, Clinical Provost Award, Thomas Jefferson University “Role of Telehealth in Keeping Patients at Home.” $25, 000

Emergency Medicine Foundation / Emergency Nurses Association,   PI: Rising/Gerolamo, 7/2016-8/2017

The objective of this study was to develop and test a scale to measure patient uncertainty during episodes of acute illness. Findings from this study will inform subsequent work designed to develop and test interventions to decrease uncertainty during acute care episodes.