John Hanifin, PhD

Assistant Professor

John Hanifin


1025 Walnut Street
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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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John Hanifin, PhD

Assistant Professor


PhD    University of Surrey, UK


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Other Expertise

Associate Director of the Thomas Jefferson University Light Research Program. In addition to serving as Project Manager for NIH and NASA sponsored research studies, he has recently been awarded a Department of Energy grant examining how solid-state lighting can impact human physiology. Using the techniques of radioimmunoassay, performance testing and photobiology, Dr. Hanifin has successfully completed empirical studies on polychromatic light mixtures of blue light for circadian, neuroendocrine and neurobehavioral effects in humans.


Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, Light and Health Committee

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Scientific Expert Group, Project Group on Short Wavelength Light and Circadian Rhythms

2nd International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysiological Photometry

National Research Council Canada, Scientific Advisor, Lighting Effects