Robert B. Den, MD

Associate Professor

Robert Den, MD


111 South 11th Street
Room G-301, Bodine Center
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Robert B. Den, MD

Associate Professor


Medical School

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


Radiation Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

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Research & Clinical Interests

I am a board-certified radiation oncologist who specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer. I see patients and discuss their cases in a genitourinary multidisciplinary clinic with colleagues in urology and medical oncology. I specialize in using IMRT to treat men with prostate cancer to improve patients outcomes and decrease the side effects of treatment. 

I am also a translational researcher with a laboratory at Jefferson that focuses on combining new biologic agents with radiation therapy. The goal of this work is to introduce the most exciting compounds into clinical trials to benefit my patients.