SMARTlab at Jefferson promotes user-driven, transdisciplinary research leveraging creative technologies for social change. Solving real-world problems, SMARTlab at Jefferson aims to build a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

What is SMARTlab?

SMARTlab is an academic collective created to ignite change. It promotes user-driven, transdisciplinary research, leveraging Creative Technology Innovations for social change.

For three decades, SMARTlab has run an award-winning practice-based PhD program — now in partnership to The College of Architecture & Built Environment's PhD in Architecture & Design Research program — and delivered high-impact research, development and innovation program and projects. SMARTlab aims to bring together the brightest minds across disciplines and to provide them with the tools they need to contribute to solving real-world problems and building sustainable solutions.

We provide world-class research and incubation space and offer a brain trust for academic staff, practice-based PhD students, Postdoctoral Researchers, transdisciplinary teams spanning the arts, engineering, humanities, social and natural sciences, Connected public health and business Innovation domains, alongside private and public sector partners.

SMARTlab Meeting

Fall 2024 Research Seminar & Writers Retreat

SMARTlab has two upcoming PhD meetings happening in September. The first meeting is from September 23-25 for the SMARTlab Research Seminar. The second meeting is happening on September 26 + 27 for the Writers Retreat.

Contact Charles Mathews to RSVP. 

SMARTlab is about coming together to create solutions, using technology to enable connectedness for the future of education, and the future of culture and community.

Professor Lizbeth Goodman, PhD Founder and Director of SMARTlab

SMARTlab at Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson University joined the global network of SMARTlab and now provides the only SMARTlab practice-based PhD in the United States. This unique partnership allows students to take part in the rich academic programming and unique collaborative experiences that build trust and community among the SMARTlab faculty, researchers and PhD students. With an emphasis on health architecture and design professions, Thomas Jefferson University adds an additional dimension to the transdisciplinary research teams. 

Young student with AI headset

Jefferson's Global Footprint Helps University Join World-Renowned Social Impact Lab

Via relationships forged by the All-Island Ireland Center, the University becomes the lone North American institution to offer the SMARTlab practice-based PhD program.


Barbara Klinkhammer, Dipl.-Ing.
Dean and Professor
Director, SMARTlab @ Jefferson

Kihong Ku, DDes
Program Director, PhD Program - SMARTlab Jefferson

Lizbeth Goodman, MA, MLitt, PhD, FRSA
Founder and Director of SMARTlab
Founder and Director of the Inclusive Design Research Center of Ireland @ UCD