BS in Visual Communication Design


  • East Falls Campus
  • Kanbar College of Design Engineering & Commerce

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science

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  • On Campus

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Name: Beth Shirrell
Position: Program Director & Assistant Professor, Visual Communication Design
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The Visual Communication Design program at Thomas Jefferson University emphasizes the role of design as a vital cultural, social, economic, political, and environmental force in society. Rooted in the universal principles of design that shape our world and the human experience, graduates learn to make and think critically in order to identify and solve a wide variety of modern problems.

Every student in the program learns the foundations of visual aesthetics, design research, the creative process, and a variety of tools and technology. Students can extend this core knowledge to either the Graphic Design Communication or Web Design & Development specialization in order to find their unique place within the ever-changing and expanding design profession.

By fostering curiosity, faculty empower students to develop individual points of view and equip them to investigate and tackle the complex challenges of our profession and the world. We provide students with opportunities to explore a range of techniques and applications, to collaborate with peers and faculty from other programs, to work on industry projects, and to engage with the professional design community.

About our Program

One of our strengths is our close-knit community, and that is by design. Faculty work closely with all VCD students as they progress through a series of 8 core design studios. This begins with design foundations, and progresses through courses in typography, user experience, branding, digital strategy, systems design, and culminates with a self-authored, senior design capstone project and portfolio.

The program provides training in a diverse combination of skills, including a strong understanding of design principles, typography and image making, the capacity to plan and design for human-centered products, interactions and experiences, an ability to harness the latest digital technologies and experience working in collaborative interdisciplinary environments.

These educational experiences are enhanced through our faculty’s expertise, industry and client sponsored projects, internships, guest speakers, workshops, studio visits, study abroad opportunities, and minors.

We also think it’s important to let everyone know about our incredible student design group, they foster a community of support, forming life-long friendships and unmatched opportunities for professional development outside of our classes.  

Students who pursue a major in Visual Communication Design have interests in:

  • Visual Arts

  • Graphic Design

  • Web/Digital Design

  • Coding

  • Image Making

  • Interactive Media

  • Technology

  • Branding

  • Information Design

  • Design Research

  • Human Centered Design

  • User Experience Design