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Name: Beth Shirrell
Position: Program Director & Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design
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In line with industry practice, the program recommends the Apple, MacBook Pro laptop. In line with industry practice, the program recommends the Apple, MacBook Pro laptop. Base model recommendation for 2022: 

  • 13-inch: Apple M2 chip; Memory: 16GB; Storage: 512GB;
  • 14-inch: standard base model
  • 16-inch: standard base model

You are also highly encouraged to purchase AppleCare.


(recommended but not required)

24-inch monitor for home use


(recommended sophomore year, but not required)

13-inch wide-format inkjet printer (Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-format Printer or comparable). The VCD program has a print center with wide format ink jet printing available to all majors.


All students enrolled at Thomas Jefferson University receive access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud collection using their campus key login on their personal computers. The program has computer labs available for students, however seats are limited, and courses are routinely taught in these spaces.

Digital/Cloud Storage

A critical part of being a designer is proper file management and regular file backup. We highly recommend using a cloud based storage system in case something should happen to your hardware/computer. Popular storage platforms include Google Drive, iCloud, Adobe Cloud, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft One Drive.


While an iPad or tablet is a great tool for design students (image making, digital product development, animations, etc), it is not required. The program also has a few that can be checked out. 

Digital Camera

This is not required, but many students prefer to have their own camera.