Possible is the state of being capable or feasible within the constraints of a given set of circumstances. It is the potential for something to happen or exist, based on the available evidence, resources, and conditions. However, this potential is often left stagnant if it is not nurtured or cultivated. The existence of “what is” is more comfortable than “what could be,” leaving us to go about our lives in a bubble of certainty. It is easy to forget that possible is not a fixed or certain outcome; it is not limited to what has been done before or what is considered probable. It is rather a potential that is open to change and influenced by purpose and passion, allowing for new possibilities and innovations. As we search for our own purpose and passion, we must aim to broaden our perspectives and pursue new avenues of exploration and growth. With the second TEDxJeffersonU conference, we are giving speakers the opportunity to articulate what they have redefined as possible in their lives and ignite a passion for entering the realm of possibility in others.

Join us May 6 as we embark on the journey to Redefine Possible.

When: May 6, 2023 (11 a.m. - 4 p.m. EDT)
Where: Connelly Auditorium in the Dorrance H. Hamilton Building
Thomas Jefferson University
1001 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

*Parking on Center City campus may be limited, public transportation is highly encouraged.

*The Dorrance H. Hamilton Building is located on the corner of 11th and Locust Streets. Entrance to the building faces Lubert Plaza, behind Scott Memorial Library.

Event Organizers

Isha Akolia


Priya Modi