Thomas Jefferson University

TJU Policies: Weapons

Policy Number 119.05

Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc. (Jefferson) prohibit all persons who enter any Jefferson property from carrying a handgun, firearm, or prohibited weapon of any kind on to any Jefferson property regardless of whether or not the person is licensed to carry the weapon.

This policy applies to all Jefferson employees, contract and temporary employees, visitors on Jefferson property, and customers and contractors on Jefferson property, regardless of whether or not they are licensed to carry a concealed weapon. The only exceptions to this policy will be on-duty law enforcement officers, or other persons who have been given written consent by Jefferson to carry a weapon on the property.

All Jefferson employees are also prohibited from carrying any weapon while in the course and scope of performing their job for Jefferson, whether or not they are on company property, and whether or not they are licensed to carry a firearm. Employees may not carry any weapon covered by this policy while performing any task on Jefferson's behalf. The only exception to this policy will be persons who have been given written consent by Jefferson to carry a weapon while performing specific tasks on Jefferson's behalf. This policy also prohibits weapons at any Jefferson sponsored function, such as parties or picnics.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and protection of all staff, faculty, students, patients, and visitors to the Jefferson campus


Firearms, explosives, knives, and other weapons are prohibited. Any questions about whether an item is covered by this policy should be directed to the Jefferson Security Department's 24-hr Response Center at 215-955-8888 for clarification. Each person will be held directly responsible for making sure beforehand that any potentially covered item possessed is not prohibited by this policy. Jefferson property covered by this policy includes, without limitation, all Jefferson owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, plazas, and parking lots and garages under Jefferson's ownership or control. Jefferson vehicles are also covered by this policy at all times regardless of whether or not they are on Jefferson property at any time.


Violations: Failure to abide by all terms and conditions of the policies described above may result in discipline up to and including termination. Further, carrying a weapon on to Jefferson property in violation of this policy will be considered an act of criminal trespass and will be grounds for immediate removal from Jefferson property and may result in prosecution. This policy shall not be construed to create any duty or obligation on the part of Jefferson to take any actions beyond those required of an employer by existing law. If a person becomes aware of anyone violating this policy, he/she should report it immediately to the Jefferson Security Department.

Jefferson Security Department

Although the University's security personnel are certified and meet the standards consistent with Pennsylvania Act #235, any possession and use of firearms are prohibited and not authorized as a type of security equipment. Under special circumstances, the University's President, or Vice President for Facilities may authorize a Security Officer or Supervisor to carry a firearm.

Security Managers and Supervisors and uniformed officers are authorized but limited to carry the following weapons while on duty: a baton (nightstick); an authorized Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, and issued handcuffs.

Tenants of the University's On-Campus Housing Facilities

Residential tenants are prohibited to carry or possess in any campus unit any weapon. Refer to tenants Campus Housing Agreement.