Public Safety Overview

Security at Your Service

Thomas Jefferson University places a high priority on your personal safety. That is why our Security Department is well-trained, well-staffed and supported by state-of-the-art technology. While on the Jefferson campus as an employee, student, patient or visitor, you can be assured that our Security Department is working to keep you safe.

The Jefferson Security Department supports the teaching, research and patient care activities of the Thomas Jefferson University, the Jefferson University Physicians and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The department is staffed with over 100 officers and support personnel. These certified professionals have been trained under Pennsylvania Act 235 which requires 40 hours of training for private security officers. In addition, they receive recruit in-service training and have opportunities for additional on the job training to maintain their skills.

A Message from Leadership

We are the Campus Security Department and our daily mission strives to provide a secure environment for all persons visiting and working on our campus. The brave men and women of the Security Department make every endeavor to maintain an acceptable level of order and safety throughout the campus. While our primary mission is the protection of persons and property, our plan requires that all security personnel have an obligation to possess a demeanor of “good will” and “service”.

To ensure your protection, officers and supervisors are on duty at all times. We also maintain a 24hour campus Security Response Center, and we are in two-way radio communication with all officers and supervisors on duty. We encourage you to contact us with any concern as we are always willing to respond and support any situation that has even the slightest potential to disrupt our campus environment. Our department also includes an investigative unit staffed with highly experienced investigators. We provide follow-up inquiry and reassurance to eliminate any situation brought to our attention that could upset the campus environment.

Although we work diligently at our mission, we need your support and participation. We encourage you to always be aware of your surroundings, properly secure your personal property, and contact us with any concern no matter how small. Together we can ensure a safe campus environment.

On behalf of the dedicated and courageous men and women of the Security Department, I welcome you to Jefferson.

Joseph E. Byham, MAS, CPM, CHSP
Vice President, Public Safety