Access Control/ID Access

For Jefferson - Center City Campus

Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Inc. as part of their overall security program, utilize a state-of-the-art access control system. The Security Department is responsible for all programming of access cards as well as the monitoring of all activity in our buildings.

This technology is utilized in our Animal Resources areas as well as Residence Halls and office buildings. The Security Response Center can monitor the activity at these installations, permit remote access via the use of CCTV and access control, and respond rapidly to any non-authorized attempts at entry.

The system also maintains an electronic journal which permits the Security Department to review activity at any of these installations as a follow-up to an investigation or any questions regarding activity in particular laboratories, etc.

The Security Department also approves all requests for conventional keys / lock installations throughout the University and Hospital.

ID Access Authorization

In all case's ID access is requested by an authorizer. All requests are sent via the email system only.  If access is needed, email  

Access is generally requested by the specific department Head or their designee.  Some employee access is auto-generated upon receiving their ID cards.

Contractors & Vendors:
Access is generally requested by Facilities, Design & Construction, Project Managers; and Material Management designee.

Access is generally requested by the individual College Administration or their designee. Some student access is auto-generated upon receiving their ID cards.