2nd Annual International Neurodiversity & The Built Environment Symposium: Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experience


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2nd Annual International Neurodiversity & The Built Environment Symposium: Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experience

Thank you for attending this year's Neurodiversity Symposium. We hope you enjoyed the inspiring day and we're already looking forward to next year. Take time to watch this year's sessions below.

Building upon last year's symposium, Neurodiversity: Building Community and Rethinking the Built Environmentthis year’s dialogue focuses on immersive experiences, responsive environments, spatial interactions, and experimental evaluative and physiological measuring tools and criteria. It also includes advocacy, spatial and social guidelines, and bottom up and organic initiatives. 

These serial events are intensely cross-disciplinary and aim towards critical interactions addressing all-inclusive ways for inhabiting and perceiving our environments. They aim to stimulate international dialogue amongst designers, artists, medical field experts, tech companies, educational institutions, self-advocates and caregivers. 


  • Stephen K. Klasko
  • Barbara Klinkhammer
  • Mark L. Tykocinski

Panel Sessions

  • Spatial Animacy: Designing Interactive Environments through Kinesthetic Empathy
    Harry Krekoukiotis
  • Building A Nervous System for the Built Environment
    Mikael Avery, Alessandro Napoli & Mijail Serruya
  • Affective Matter: A haptic material modality for emotion regulation and communication
    Athina Papadopoulou

  • Normalisation to Neurodiversity: Changing Perceptions
    Merry Barua
  • Inclu.de: Inclusion, Design, Allyship, Advocacy
    Shaneel Mukerji
  • How human-centered design creates The Matrix an inevitable overlap of virtual and physical spaces
    Tendo, Jen Goldsmith & Hilary Scharton
  • Autistic Imaginaries of Architectural Space
    Magda Mostafa & Rachel Updegrove

  • Art and Health Interventions – transferring mediated aesthetic experiences from the gallery / museum to healthcare
    Lyn Godley & Anita Kocsis
  • Art Therapy for the Neurodiverse
    Rachel Brandoff & Reina Lombardi
  • The Grey Area Between Autism and Immersive Environments
    Autisarian Network, Lonnie Smith

  • The value of natural environments: Healing through immersive wilderness therapy experiences
    Tony Issenmann
  • Building Community and Independence in a Shared Space… One Tool at a Time!
    Amy McCann
  • Identity, Design, and Virtual Worlds
    Corinne Gray
  • Esports Infrastructure Inclusion
    Nerd Street Gamers, Taryn McCarty
  • Creating Immersive Virtual Environments with and for Individuals with Autism
    nonPareil Institute, Kyle Barton & Mark Theurer

Panel Discussion Moderators

  • Severino Alfonso
  • Wendy J. Ross
  • Loukia Tsafoulia

This event is organized by Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia as part of the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab, along with Dr. Wendy Ross and Sabra Townsend from the Center for Autism and Neurodiversity, Jefferson Health. The symposium supports the research conducted by the Interior Design 7 course in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment, taught by Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia.