Synesthetic Research & Design Lab

Cultivating a Collective Learning Process

The Synesthetic Research and Design Lab within the College of Architecture & Built Environment serves as collaborative research and prototyping platform where interactive design and emergent health sciences meet. The Lab highlights the recursion between the individual and their environment. This newly minted platform aims to take risks in developing methodologies that engage critically with interactions of humans, objects and environments. 

The Lab continuously aims to learn from unexpected collaborations, test unconventional ideas, and leverage novel pedagogical explorations to engage young minds coming from diverse backgrounds.

Synesthesia is the pilot to a series of interactive installations directed by Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia at the College of Architecture & the Built Environment. This project is a living organism producing dynamic, unexpected, and sensorial experiences, never static nor predetermined. The community is the maker of the installation that comes to life only through their participation.

  • ​Designers/Authors: Severino Alfonso, Loukia Tsafoulia
  • Project Assistants/Students: Olivia Birritteri, Abigail Kern
  • Lead Interactive Engineer: David Azar
  • Live Feed and Real-Time Display: Matthew Ross
  • Fabric Prototype Collaborators: Anne Hand, Kim Rosner
  • Fabric Construction: RoseBrand Inc.
  • Music: Stefan Schmidt, Rodenkopf

Please refer to the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab website for detailed acknowledgements.