CABE Scholarships & Assistantships

The College of Architecture & the Built Environment is proud to offer a variety of ways for our undergraduate, graduate and transfer students to earn scholarships and assistantships. These opportunities are available to all new applicants.

Graduate Student Assistantships

Jefferson awards a limited number of annual Graduate Assistantships on the basis of exceptional scholastic achievement; outstanding professional promise; and competence for service in the departments of the University. The Graduate Assistantship provides tuition remission up to $25,000/year and a annual stipend of $2,600. A full Graduate Assistantship has a 14 hour per week student job. Prorated assistantships have jobs with commensurately fewer hours. For international student recipients, a student visa that permits on-campus work for compensation is required. Graduate Assistants are students, and may not be employed under any other employment category by the University, such as adjunct faculty or part-time staff. 

Spring Semester Applicant Deadline: October 15

Additional information about this opportunity will be sent to qualified applicants.

CABE Graduate Teaching Assistantship & Research Assistantship

These teaching and research assistantships are awarded through the College of Architecture and the Built Environment to new applicants who apply for the position. Both assistantships are required to work in the College in a designated area for 10 hours or more a week in exchange for an annual stipend. Applicants will go through a review process with the college faculty. These positions can be renewed based on the need of the College.

Deadline: March 1 for Fall Semester Applicants

Dean’s Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship is awarded to new graduate students based on the submitted application. Different levels of the scholarship are considered when reviewing applications. All domestic and international students are automatically considered for the Dean's Scholarship. This scholarship is renewed annually based upon the number of semester credits a student enrolls in.  

International Institutional Partnership Scholarship

The International Institutional Partnership Scholarship is awarded to graduate students with a bachelor degree from the following partner institutions:

  • BNCA: MKSSS’s Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women (in Pune, India)
  • BRICK: SMEF’s BRICK School of Architecture (Pune, India)
  • BVCOA: Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Architecture, (Navi Mumbai, India)
  • CEPT University: Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, (Ahmedabad, India)
  • MAHE Dubai: Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus (Dubai, UAE)
  • Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

All applicants with a bachelor degree from a partner school are automatically considered for the scholarship. This scholarship is renewed annually based upon the number of semester credits a student enrolls in.  

Barkan Family Scholarship for Sustainable Communities

The Barkan Family Scholarship for Sustainable Communities provides a need-based scholarship for students enrolled in Jefferson’s Graduate Sustainability Leadership Certificate Program. Recipients will be asked to mentor an undergraduate student in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment. In order to assist the University in achieving a diverse student body, preference shall be given to underserved or under-represented students from disadvantaged communities in Philadelphia or the surrounding area who exhibit leadership in their communities or careers, and who wish to create a more sustainable environment. 

Deadline: May 1 

Learn more: Email for the application

First Year and Transfer Financial Aid & Scholarships

All first year and transfer students are automatically considered for University academic scholarships based on their program of intent. Eligibility and scholarship amounts vary based on program and academic achievement. Additional undergraduate scholarship information can be found here.

Jefferson recognizes and celebrates transfer students who have been inducted into their community college’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). PTK members are eligible to receive an academic award totaling $2,000 per year.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Students may be eligible for additional scholarships that are offered through external private organizations. We encourage students to see out these outside scholarship opportunities to support their academic endeavors.