Laptop Requirements, Equipment & Supplies

Laptop Requirements

For all majors

Special Requirement for undergraduate and graduate Architecture Students: The maximum life expectancy of laptops to efficiently run required CABE software is five years. Thus, if purchasing a laptop during freshman year for undergraduates, and prior to starting graduate architecture programs when entering the Architecture major, it is required to purchase the Higher Performance option. The optimal timing to purchase a laptop is at the end of freshman year, satisfying one of the recommended specifications listed below. All Architecture students must have a properly specified laptop and required software before starting sophomore year to be able to participate in the ARCHDSN-208 Vis 3 course or MARCH-621 Vis 1 courses.

*NOTE: (Includes: Architecture, Architectural Studies, Construction Management, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture)

  Minimum Recommended
Windows Laptop
Windows Laptop
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 Processor
(8MB Cache, up to 4.00GHz)
Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 Processor
(8MB Cache, up to 4.00GHz) up to Intel Xeon E3-1535M v6 Processor (4 Cores, 8MB Cache, up to 4.20GHz)
Operating System Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro
Display Type 15" FHD
(1920 x 1080)
IPS Non-Touch Display
15.6" 4K
anti-glare, IPS
System Graphics NVIDIA Quadro M2200M 4GB NVIDIA Quadro M2200M 4GB
Total Memory 16GB DDR4-2400MHz SODIMM 64GB DDR4 2400MHz ECC SODIMM
Camera 720p HD Camera 720p HD Camera
Hard Drive 512GB SSD PCIe MLC OPAL2
(Solid State Drive)
(Solid State Drive)
Optical Device N/A N/A
Battery 6 Cell Li-Polymer Battery 90Wh 6 cell Li-Ion Battery
Power Cord North American with Line Cord & 90W AC Adapter North American with Line Cord & 90W AC Adapter
PCI Adapter Thunderbolt, HDMI & Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt, HDMI & Mini DisplayPort
Network Adaptor Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC (2x2) 8265 and Bluetooth Version 4.1 vPro Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC (2x2) 8265 and Bluetooth Version 4.1 vPro
External Drive 1 TB External Drive for Back-Ups
(Additional cost of $99)
1 TB External Drive for Back-Ups
(Additional cost of $99)
Warranty 4-Year Extended 4-Year Safeware Extended
University Bookstore Purchase Link University Bookstore Direct Purchase Link
University Bookstore Direct Purchase Link
Software Purchase Requirements Freshman:
- Adobe CC - Subscription Available at
- Microsoft Office (now Office365 free with email)

- Adobe CC - Subscription Available at
- Microsoft Office (now Office365 free with email)
- Granta - Free
- Rhino (University Bookstore)
- VRay for Rhino
- Sketchup Make
- Autodesk Revit
- Autodesk AutoCAD (Free)
- Autodesk 3DS Max (Free)

Additional free software and plugins such as Grasshopper3D, Sefaira are required for specific classes and download instructions will be provided by course instructors

Software Requirements

Allow a budget to purchase and subscribe to the minimum software needed for courses.

Rhinoceros: $175 one time purchase

Adobe Suite: $135 per year subscription

VRay: $115 per year subscription


Budget $500 per year

Equipment & Supplies

For the typical first year Architecture Undergraduate or Graduate student:

The items listed below in bold type are included in a package prepared by the Jefferson University bookstore for approximately $70. If you do not have any drawing materials it would be easier and less expensive for you to purchase this package. Not all items will be used immediately.  Feel free to purchase tools and supplies as necessary.   You may order from the on-line school store and have items shipped directly to your campus address in 2-4 days.

For the First Day of Class:

  • Sketchbook - hardcover, unlined, min. 5”x7” (spiral or hard bound)
  • Pencil sharpener, one that catches the shavings
  • Set of drawing pencils; recommended weights – 4H, 2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
  • Eraser - white plastic
  • Architect's scale ruler - triangular, 12" long

For the First Month of Class:

  • Cutting mat 18”x24” with grid
  • Metal ruler - min. 18” long, with cork on the back
  • X-Acto knife with #11 blades
  • Box of 100 #11 X-Acto blades
  • Mat or utility knife with blades and Snap-off knife (Olfa or X-Acto)
  • White (or yellow or buff) tracing paper, 12” or 24” wide roll
  • Drafting tape or drafting dots (You may also want masking tape)
  • White glue - Elmer’s or Sobo, get both the smallest bottle and a larger bottle for refills
  • Rubber cement
  • Push pins (not thumb tacks) Clear, 100
  • Lead holder (clutch pencil)
  • Leads for lead holder; recommended weights - HB, H, 2H, 4H
  • Lead sharpener (hand held)
  • T-Square (36” or 42” long), metal or wood with clear edge
  • 30˚-60˚ triangle - 12" or 14"
  • 45˚ triangle - 10" or 12”
  • Prismacolor pencils, 12-pack set, larger if you can afford it (plus Black, White, Warm Gray 50%)
  • Color wheel

Recommended Additional Drafting Tools you will need for this Class:

  • Eraser - yellow or blue plastic, for ink
  • Eraser - Kneaded
  • Erasing shield
  • 45˚ triangle - 4”
  • Circle template
  • Set of 5 Staedtler Marsgraphic pigmentliner pens
  • Drafting vellum - 24” wide roll – or individual sheets as needed
  • Adjustable triangle - 8"
  • Compass - get the best one you can afford

Recommended Additional Model Making Tools

  • Shop safety glasses (REQUIRED)
  • 6” metal straight edge (ruler)
  • Modelmaker’s miter box & saw (or “The Chopper”)
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Double faced masking tape
  • Set of needle files & Emery Boards
  • Additional X-Acto knife handles & blade styles

EXTRA MONEY - Allow at least $250.00 for additional expenditures. There will be additional materials required – chip board, bass wood, presentation boards and paper, paint, clay, wood, metal, fasteners, etc.  These should be purchased when specific projects require them.  You should factor the cost of project based materials into every semester.

Most of the supplies you will need for first year are available in the Campus Store, but you might find a broader selection of tools and materials at some of these stores.  In addition, the Fab Lab provides a map to various specialty material stores.

Artist & Craftsman Suppy
307 Market Street, Philadelphia
(267) 861-6008

7926 Germantown AvenueC
(215) 248-1513

Blick Philadelphia
1330 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
(215) 545-3214

Everything Plastic
444 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia
(215) 238-9800

Merion Art & Repro
17 W. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore
(610) 896-6161

Home Depot
1601 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia
(215) 218-0600

4640 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia
(215) 537-6100

Lowe's Home Imrovement
2106 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia
(215) 982-5391

Stanley's Hardware
Walking distance if your purchases are not too bulky

555 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia
(215) 482-1200

Make your life easier by getting: a storage box for your tools, a lightweight portfolio for carrying flat drawings, an ice tube for rolls of drawings.  Many students find a folding rolling crate to be useful.  You might also want a combination lock with a cable.