Park in a Truck Initiative

Creating equitable, healthy, resilient, connected communities—one park at a time.

Jefferson’s Landscape Architecture students have launched this simple, fast and cost-effective park system that beautifies our neighborhoods, one lot at a time. This project is made possible through a generous grant from the Greenfield Foundation.
  1. SELECT Neighborhoods choose what they want in their park
  2. LOAD All of the essentials are loaded onto a truck
  3. DELIVER The components are delivered to the park site
  4. BUILD Community volunteers build their park together.

Types of Parks

Explore creating and making in this interactive and flexible space. Paint a wall, experience art by local artists, attend a puppet show or a poetry ready at the Art/Maker Park. This park includes a platform for performance art; easels for painting and drawing; event spaces for artists to collaborate; a display area for showing off art.

Enjoy a book, relax, stroll through the garden or meet your neighbor for a game of chess at the Sanctuary Park. This park includes a place to stretch your legs around a mindful loop; lots of trees and sensory plants, chess tables, event areas for classes, movies, poetry readings and more; solar water element; a sensory wall; rain barrels.

Eat fresh berries, tend to the garden and enjoy a community dinner in the Edible Park. This park includes keyhole vegetable gardens; a potting table; compost area; a community dining table; 1200 gal. cistern for stormwater.

Climb a tree, build a clubhouse, chat by the fire or hide in the oversized nest at the Nature Park. This park includes  a playhouse, natural materials such as logs, stumps and rocks; event space for classes and entertainment; tents for camping; a dry stream to collect rainwater.

Create Your Own Park

Get Involved

Have an idea for our next park? Share it with us! Contact Kimberlee Douglas:

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