BLA in Landscape Architecture


  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Architecture & the Built Environment

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Program Type

  • On Campus

Jefferson’s LAAB accredited Landscape Architecture Program has a mission of sustainable design through experiential learning projects. Our accredited program is committed to providing leadership in confronting ecological issues of the natural environment and cultural and social issues that affect neighborhoods, particularly those in need of revitalization.

At Jefferson, we believe in real problems + real people = real solutions. By applying what is taught in the classroom to real life problems, our students’ knowledge and skills are increased so they can take their place in the world as engaged citizens who want to make a difference.

If you have a passion for the environment and for people, our landscape architecture degree program will prepare you to address environmental problems through sustainable planning, design and restoration. You will learn to innovate, collaborate and create outdoor environments that reconnect us with nature, encourage healthy lifestyles and tackle climate change and natural disasters. Our hands-on experiential learning increases our students’ design creativity, knowledge and skills so they can take their place as engaged citizens and professionals who want to solve the pressing problems of today’s world. You will learn to work independently and in teams and collaborate across disciplines on projects with community members, governmental agencies and environmental groups. Internships will provide you with global perspectives, a professional network and open doors to exciting careers in the public and/or private realm.

Join the ranks of those that want to change the world!

"I chose Jefferson for the Landscape Architecture program because it was a small, more intimate environment that you don’t get at other schools. You really get that one-on-one relationship with your teachers and professors that you wouldn’t get at a big state school. And you’re really able to learn a multitude of things, from storm-water management, to historic preservation, to urban parks, streetscapes; anything you can think of, and you’re really able to develop your skills through that and exposure to all these different aspects.”

Under our faculty’s guidance, students and alumni secure internships and employment with some of the most prestigious firms, such as OLIN Partnership, Andropogon, Ayers Saint Gross, Oehme Van Sweden, Jonathan Alderson and more.

Our 4+1 program offers Landscape Architecture graduates the opportunity to earn a M.S. in Geodesign with just one additional year of study.

Did You Know...

  • All of our instructors are from acclaimed landscape and planning firms
  • Students receive one-on-one attention from instructors due to our small design studios.
  • Our students have internships with the top landscape architecture firms in the country, which lead to employment opportunities.
  • Our lecture series features prominent professionals in the field.

"I had the pleasure of interviewing, and subsequently hiring a Jefferson Landscape Architecture student. She is currently working with my design team. I just wanted to say how impressed we were with her portfolio, and the quality of projects arranged through [Jefferson’s] program.

We were particularly struck by the human connections, and the understanding that our work is about communities and people. Thanks for preparing a good candidate! I hope to see more from the program."

- David W. McConnell, RLA, CPSI
Senior Landscape Architect
NYC Parks - Olmstead Center

To request more information about the Landscape Architecture Program or to schedule a tour, please email Kimberlee Douglas, Program Director of Landscape Architecture Program, or call at 215-951-0115.