Graduate Certificate in Smart Cities & Urban Analytics


  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Architecture & the Built Environment

Degree Earned

  • Certificate

Program Type

  • On Campus

The twelve-credit Graduate Certificate in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics prepares architects, urban designers and city managers to become leaders in the planning, management, and operational functions of 'smart’ cities. Foregrounding the development of future cities and communities, the certificate offers a unique focus on pressing, contemporary issues with far-reaching consequences. Coursework addresses the need to develop urban resiliency and carbon neutral communities and to harness the potential of smart technologies to achieve environmental wellness on multiple scales in response to rapid urbanization and climate change. This credential provides the technical and theoretical skills needed to make a difference to the cities of today and tomorrow.

The following are core courses for the Certificate, although course substitutions are possible at the discretion of the Program Director:

  • Modeling Urban Environmental Performance - 3 credits
  • Smart Technologies for Cities and Building - 3 credits
  • Advanced GIS: Urban Spatial Analytics I - 3 credits
  • Advanced GIS: Urban Spatial Analytics II - 3 credits