Master of Urban Design - Future Cities


  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Architecture & the Built Environment

Degree Earned

Master of Urban Design

Program Type

  • On Campus

The Master of Urban Design – Future Cities (MUD) educates the next generation of urban designers, architects and researchers in the development of sustainable, healthy and smart cities and communities. Focused on envisioning the future, the program spotlights pressing contemporary issues with far-reaching consequences, such as the need to develop urban resiliency and carbon neutral communities and to harness the potential of smart technologies to achieve environmental wellness on multiple scales in response to rapid urbanization and climate change. Students have the opportunity to acquire new and valuable skills and benefit from state-of-the-art research at regional and transnational levels, thereby fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity through knowledge exchange and multidisciplinary learning.

The unique focus of MUD on contemporary urban issues such as urban resiliency, carbon-neutral communities, wellness, and smart technologies differentiates Jefferson’s program. Collaboration with the Jefferson Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities offers students unparalleled opportunities for research and industry experience.

Designing Sustainable, Healthy & Smart Cities

A focus on the unique challenges and possibilities in designing sustainable, healthy and smart cities differentiates the Master of Urban Design from similar programs. It also positions Jefferson as a leader in this emerging field, both nationally and internationally. The Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities serves as the hub and public face of the program and facilitates transdisciplinary research opportunities for students and faculty. Addressing climate change, public health, pandemics and other challenges by incorporating smart technologies into urban environments is the next frontier within the profession. Students may choose a concentration in public health, in collaboration with the Jefferson College of Population Health, or in other specializations, offered in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment, including Geodesign, Urban Revitalization, Smart Cities and Urban Analytics, or Resilient Cities. 

The Master of Urban Design - Future Cities is a STEM designated program (CIP Code 30.3301).