Jefferson’s Construction Management Program Ranked #4 by

The MS in Construction Management program within the College of Architecture and the Built Environment ranked fourth out of 354 programs evaluated by The program was once again ranked “Best Optionality” with its on-campus and online delivery formats.

Jefferson’s program is a professional degree with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to construction education with a global perspective, expertise, and training in the principles of sustainability. The MS in Construction Management Program accepts students with diverse undergraduate degrees such as civil engineering, architecture, and non-construction majors such as business administration. (Find out more on the various MSCM degree options: MSCM On Campus, MSCM Online, & MSCM Certificate.)

According to, the construction trade is growing with a need for more than 40,400 construction managers by 2029. “Our master’s degree offers graduates both theories and practices of construction management to be industry leaders who create a better world, one building at a time,” notes program director Gulbin Ozcan-Deniz.

The programs were ranked via an Intelligent Score from 0 to 100, based on Strength, Student Readiness, Return on Investment, Cost, and Student Engagement. Intelligent’s best and top-ranking programs “are highly-regarded, economical, and equipped with the tools needed to teach their given degree.” (Find out more on Intelligent’s Ranking Methodology.)