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The Graduate Certificate in Green Building Operations is designed to educate students about the design and management of mainstream green buildings. With this extremely flexible graduate certificate you will acquire the specific skills and knowledge that perfectly complement your career goals.

You will start with the foundational course: Principles for Sustainable Design and then choose three (3) courses from a list of possible courses. The MSSD faculty will advise you to help select the best courses for your career. This program is primarily offered online, but it is possible to complete the Certificate on-campus. This Certificate can be started in any semester.

Scholarships are available.

The Graduate Certificate in Green Building Operation is a STEM designated program (CIP Code 04.0902). 

  • Principles of Sustainable Design or Elective – 3 credits

Select three courses from the following that best meet your career objectives:

  • Adaptive and Resilient Design Basics
  • Sustainable Systems for Green Buildings
  • Circular Economy and Lifecycle Assessment
  • BIM for Sustainable Design
  • Environments for Well-Being (on-campus only)
  • Ecology and Making (on-campus only)
  • Construction Environmental Management


SEMESTER ONE: 6 credits

What is sustainability and why is it essential for the future of humanity? Learn how to analyze and articulate the sustainability imperative across four dimensions—ecology, economy, experience, and equity—while examining sustainability considerations at multiple scales in the built environment, from cities and regions to individual buildings and interiors.

Select your first course listed above to meet your career goals.

SEMESTER TWO - 6 credits

Select a second course listed above to meet your career objectives.

Select a third course listed above to complete the certificate requirements per your career goals.