Spacework 07

Spacework 7 is a new face for the College of Architecture and the Built Environment’s annual publication. While the content stays true as a showcase of student work, this edition looks back to previous issues, as well as looks ahead at what the publication wants to be in the future. Spacework 7 is divided into three sections that each offer a different view of the work conducted at the college: Investigations, Selected Work, and Design Research.

Part I: Investigations

Each year, Spacework declares a theme that the student editors wish to investigate through the work gathered and personal interviews. This year, we took a step back to ask ourselves if it was right to categorize other student’s work under a single theme. Students produce a myriad of work and investigate a variety of problems through their design. So was it fair to judge and categorize their work based a theme devised by the editors?

Therefore, the theme of Spacework 7, “How Color Activates Space”, is explored through interviews with students and faculty. By narrowing not only our theme, but also the area in which it is explored, we believe we have more thoroughly explored our investigation. By looking at a range of disciplines, in addition to both students and faculty, we have sought to gather a range of opinions and voices to understand how each discipline views color and how it activates space.

Part II: Selected Work

This section is the largest section of the book, as it shows off the wide range of work completed over the past academic year. There is an emphasis on showing the variety of work from many disciplines throughout the academic years of students. This fully shows the quantity and quality of work completed at Thomas Jefferson University.

Part III: Design Research

Too many times design is too focused with the final result. Upper level and graduate students spend months — sometimes even multiple semesters — developing a concept and design through vigorous data analysis, trials and research. To present these projects in the Selected Work section where only two or three images would be selected and a small blurb of text to describe the project felt hollow. Therefore, this final section of Spacework 7 compliments imagery with written documentation of students’ research and design development. We hope to show the hours upon hours students have spent investigating and researching various topics while presenting their solutions alongside this analysis.