This year’s edition of SPACEWORK calls attention to the designer(s) behind the projects, by sharing the experiences and processes that contribute towards the ­final product. SPACEWORK 08: VOICES focuses on the student’s story that often goes untold, by allowing the opportunity for students to share their stories alongside their work. The goal of this year’s publication is to advocate for the representation of all voices within the College of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Each student project submission was accompanied by a series of personal questions, that were collected to better tell the narrative and student experiences behind each project. Some of these questions included:

  • How have past or current life experiences influenced your design?
  • What does the design process mean to you / How would you describe your design process?

This is the very ­first digital edition of the publication.

SPACEWORK 08 is divided into four subcategories that helps express how we, as designers, shape our projects.


We are constantly influenced by things around us. Our work would not be what it is without our experiences and influences that change the way we design.


As designers we must be passionate about the work we do. Passion is the determination tht drives the designer to create. This determination then pushes the designer to keep developing upon their ideas and perfect their designs.


As designers we must be able to adapt to our situation. Our designs must be able to adapt and change as the environment and community change. Being adaptive means being able to adjust to any changes that present themselves as your design develops.


As designers we must be innovative, providing new solutions to pre-existing problems and anticipating what the future may present. Our ­elds of design are constantly changing, with new ideas and technologies providing ways in which to innovate and grow.