The College of Architecture and the Built Environment is proud to share the newest edition of SPACEWORK: CHANGES.

Every year, a small team of students takes on the challenge of designing and producing SPACEWORK, an annual journal that showcases the work and stories of the current CABE student body. 

This edition of SPACEWORK recognizes how our students are creating change within the college, our communities, and the industry at large.

The projects celebrated in CHANGES reflect the lenses of Social, Cultural, and Environmental change, and SPACEWORK strives to give voice to our students who are bringing about these changes. Through this update to the digital publication, we invite you to explore the curated galleries of the most compelling and impressively innovative projects that fully represent their respective theme. Additionally, we have carefully selected a handful of Showcases that bridge beyond an individual topic and deserve further recognition for the quality of work and roles students have played in their creation.

We encourage you to explore both last year's thematic structure, VOICES, and this year's update, CHANGES, through the two portals on the homepage. To fully appreciate our student body's diverse perspectives, visit the project archives and student gallery to access the entire collection of SPACEWORK stories.

The editorial team is honored to share the diverse identity and many talents of CABE, and hope you enjoy exploring the full site.