Academy of Municipal Innovation


Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce, Continuing & Professional Studies


East Falls


Hybrid (Online and On Campus)

Note: This is a professional development opportunity, through which you can learn more by contacting Dana Scott at or 215-951-2681.

Earn your Certificate in Government Innovation to develop tools and knowledge to have a profound impact on the communities you serve.

Government employees at all levels have a great demand for tools to innovate and create effective changes. Understand tools you can use to transform the way you approach social challenges. Through active, collaborative and real-world learning, you will discover the innovation tools, training and practices needed to change the way you innovate, collaborate and problem solve for positive change. 

Community government is uniquely positioned to have social, regulatory, financial and network leverage. The Academy of Government Innovation (AGI) Certificate program equips government employees at all levels with the tools and knowledge to have a profound impact on the communities they serve.
Adapted from our award-winning Nexus Learning, this program introduces participants to the principles and practices of innovation drawn from design thinking, system thinking, ethnographic research, geodesign and business analytics. The program, run in a cohort model for collaborative groups of government employees, teaches five core practices—integrated design processes; business and operations models; systems thinking; research methods; and innovation leadership—have immediate application in all levels of government and quasi-governmental organizations.

Curricular Highlights

The program will specifically help participants to be able to:

  • Apply the elements of the design process to inform insights and identify opportunities
  • Apply an iterative approach to idea generation and problem-solving
  • Employ integrative thinking in finding and framing problems
  • Map interrelationships among variables within a complex and dynamic system
  • Apply systems thinking tools to recommend solutions to the complex real-world problems facing government agencies
  • Analyze human belief and behavior using ethnographic research tools
  • Apply the basic principles of branding and style as strategic tools
  • Create and defend new credible and relevant business models