Maria I. Ramirez, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Maria Ramirez


1020 Locust Street
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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Maria I. Ramirez, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Research & Clinical Interests

Epithelial cells which line the airways of the lung play a central role in almost all essential pulmonary functions, including barrier protection, mucociliary clearance and respiratory gas-exchange. Moreover, functional decline in these cells underlies the development of most, if not all, respiratory diseases. Correct spatial and temporal patterns of gene expression in lung epithelial cells are essential for establishing a working lung that is not just ready for the first breath of life, but also can sustain respiration into the late stages of adulthood.  However, aging, as well as various pulmonary insults, such as infections and environmental exposures, alter normal patterns of gene expression in the lung epithelium, leading to abnormal repair and regenerative mechanisms which drive the lung toward disease. To this end, my laboratory studies the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate lung epithelial gene expression patterns during prenatal, postnatal and various disease states. By studying the mechanisms that regulate gene expression in the lung epithelium we will better understand how diseases are initiated and will contribute to development of more effective therapies for both childhood and adult lung diseases.


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