Center for Translational Medicine

The Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) aims to bridge basic scientific discoveries with physicians' needs for their patients. At the forefront of academic health care, the Center focuses on cutting-edge basic molecular biomedical research and its translation into the most efficient and tailored forms of diagnosis and treatment as well as modes of prevention.

Research Activity

The Center for Translational Medicine conducts broad and multi-focal research.

Small Animal Physiology Core

The Core provides numerous state-of-the-art approaches to use small animals as models for human disease. 

Our Team

Meet the team of physicians and researchers collaborating and finding new ways to better serve future patients.

Facilities & Laboratories

Learn about the research being conducted in the multiple laboratories housed in the Center.

Preclinical Core

The Preclinical Core facility in Thomas Jefferson University is a fee-for-service enterprise that characterizes drug effects in a variety of cell, tissue, and animal models for human disease.

Dreidink Scholars Program

Philanthropic generosity of the Dreidink family has allowed the Center for Translational to form the Dreidink Scholars Program, founded in 2015.