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Name: Raymond Penn, PhD
  • Director, Center for Translational Medicine
  • Director, Pulmonary Research - Jefferson- Jane and Leonard Korman Lung Center
Position: Department of Medicine
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Name: Nadan Wang, MS
  • Associate Director, Preclinical Core
  • Director, Small Animal Physiology Core
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The Preclinical Core facility in Thomas Jefferson University is a fee-for-service enterprise that characterizes drug effects in a variety of cell, tissue, and animal models for human disease

Our services are available to Thomas Jefferson University investigators, and to extramural academic and industry investigators as well.

Through the links below we invite you to explore our services in greater detail to learn more about how working with us leverages the Jefferson expertise to help you realize your research objectives.


The Preclinical Core facility in Thomas Jefferson University performs a variety of cell, tissue, and animal models for human disease for the purpose of providing preclinical drug efficacy and safety data. Services are available for both academic and industry investigators.

Disease Models

Your drug/intervention can be tested in well-established in vivo models of heart, vascular, lung, bone, and septic disease, and be complemented with relevant tissue- and cell- based assays.

Strategies, Tools & Equipment

The Preclinical Core utilizes a wide variety of cutting edge tools, experimental strategies, and equipment to characterize drug properties and therapeutic effects.


Our established infrastructure enables us to provide quality service in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Team

Our outstanding team of academic investigators provides oversight of the design, execution, and interpretation of a wide range of experiments that describe the therapeutic safety and efficacy of your drug or approach.