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Office of Instructional Innovation & Effectiveness

The Office of Instructional Innovation and Effectiveness (OIIE) collaborates with JCPH educators to design engaging, personalized, and professions-oriented instruction that meets our students' needs. The Office promotes continuous improvement of learning design and technology through faculty development, assistance with assessing and evaluating learning outcomes, quality management, and collaborative research.

OIIE Services

  • Instructional design and development: OIIE provides guidance for creating instructional materials, identifies areas for improvement through needs assessments, and develops training programs in learning design for faculty and staff.
  • Educational technology:  OIIE supports the use of technology tools both online and in the classroom, offering training for online and hybrid teaching modalities, and developing and maintaining course management platforms and educational software.
  • Assessment and evaluation:  OIIE designs and administers assessments to measure student learning outcomes, analyzes data to identify areas for improvement, and conducts program evaluations to determine instructional program effectiveness.
  • Faculty development: OIIE provides professional development opportunities, offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and facilitates communities of practice for faculty collaboration.
  • Research and innovation: OIIE develops and pilots innovative instructional approaches, conducts research on effective teaching and learning practices, and collaborates with external institutions and organizations to promote instructional innovation and effectiveness.

Active Projects

  • GRAVITAS: supports authoring well-designed online courses efficiently and reliably.
  • CourseArc: creates, organizes, and delivers interactive and accessible online content.
  • Qualtrics: enhances student engagement and feedback with integrated polls and questionnaires.
  • PackBack: offers students an AI-powered, inquiry-based discussion forum.
  • AEFIS: streamlines the assessment and accreditation process with course evaluations and learning outcomes assessment.

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Juan Leon, PhD, MEd
Director, Online Learning
Assistant Provost for Faculty Development, Online Education & Assessment
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Jimson Mathew, MA 
Assistant Director, Online Learning