Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery Fellowship


Fellowships' Leadership

Head & Neck

Name: David Cognetti, MD
Position: Fellowship Director


Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Name: Ryan Heffelfinger, MD
Position: Fellowship Director


Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery

Name: Marc R. Rosen, MD
Position: Fellowship Director
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The Rhinology/Skull Base Surgery Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University is a one-year fellowship designed to offer advanced training in complicated sinus and skullbase disease.  Fellows will receive surgical training in endoscopic skullbase surgery (transsphenoidal and extended approaches), revision sinus surgery, orbital surgery (including orbital decompression and DCR) and complex frontal sinus surgery. 

How to Apply

This fellowship is offered through the American Rhinological Society.

For additional information:

Marc Rosen, MD - Fellowship Director