At the merged institution that is now Thomas Jefferson University, the presence of design, business, humanities and social sciences faculty means that basic research, scholarship and professional development at Jefferson are no longer exclusively in medical, biomedical and life sciences areas. Jefferson East Falls faculty in the College of Humanities and Sciences, trained in mathematics, physics, humanities and social sciences, are committed to strong and sustained research programs, and many have national and international reputations as a result of their high-quality scholarship.

Bock, Charles

Professor Mathematics/Computational Chemistry

Colvin, Christina

Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Literature

Crittenden, Letrell

Directior of the Communication Program
Assistant Professor of Communication

Degezelle, Melissa

Teaching Lecturer of Writing and Rhetoric

Gindlesparger, Kathryn

Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric
Director of the Writing Program

Hanson, Valerie

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

Hass, Richard

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Hubbard , Katherine 

Teaching Lecturer of Writing and Rhetoric

Jones, Katharine

Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Kimmelman, Barbara

Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences
Professor of History

Laine, Evan

Director of the Law & Society Program and Faculty Director, Arlen Specter Center
Associate Professor of History

Latner, Teishan

Assistant Professor of History

Long, Ryan

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Magee, Catherine

Teaching Lecturer of Mathematics

Michaels, Dale

Associate Professor of Psychology

Munhazim, Qais

Assistant Professor of Global Studies

Modrek, Anahid

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Navarro, Marilisa

Assistant Professor of African American Studies

Orenstein, Abby

Teaching Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

Parakkal, Raju

Associate Professor of International Relations

Pierce, John

Program Director of Psychology/Biopsychology 
Professor of Psychology

Rieder, Jenna

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Rostami, Hossein

Professor Mathematics/Engineering

Santilli, Edward

Assistant Professor of Physics

Schrand, Tom

Associate Dean for General Education
Professor of History

Shain, Richard

Associate Professor of History
Manager, East Falls Institutional Review Board

Steinbacher, Seth

Teaching Lecturer of Writing and Rhetoric

Tulante , Meriel 

Carter and Fran Pierce Term Chair for the Liberal Arts
Associate Professor of Italian Studies

Weeks, Samuel

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Youssef, Soha

Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

Yust, Brian

Assistant Professor of Physics