Fashion Design Film

Watch the 2021 Fashion Design Film:

A Message From the Program Director

Welcome to our first-ever Thomas Jefferson University Fashion Design Film, celebrating the work of our graduating senior students in Fashion Design! Our seniors have come a long way. Their four year journey has been filled with ups, downs, the pandemic, and moments of uncertainty—what we learned is that our students are resilient and they have the ability to create the most beautiful work in some of the darkest times.

The senior film takes on a larger-than-life narrative as we take you behind the scenes of our designer’s work. Learn about the students, their inspirations, thought process, motivations and dreams as they reflect on their journey. With this film, you will see how our students persisted, persevered, prevailed, and ultimately just did it!

A special thank you goes out to our fashion design faculty who are the driving force behind the work you will see in our film. The film is for our students, but most importantly it’s a celebration for their families, who have encouraged and supported our students to show up and be the best versions of themselves.

We invite you to step into our world and enjoy the 2021 Jefferson Fashion Design Film!

Farai Simoyi
Program Director, Fashion Design



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