Export Control

Thomas Jefferson University encourages international travel to strengthen our partnerships and support education and research initiatives. To ensure compliance with federal regulations and protect the interests of the University, faculty and staff must adhere to the following Export Control guidelines.

Sanctioned Countries

The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has broad import and export sanctions against Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. This means employees are not allowed to a) travel to these countries for Jefferson-connected activities and b) share Jefferson-related information with individuals located in these countries.

Before Departure

  • If international travel is grant funded, employees must submit a University Prior Approval System (UPAS) form prior to travel.  Contact your assigned Grant Administrator for more information. Depending on the nature of travel, Jefferson’s Export Control Officer may contact you to review compliance requirements prior to travel.
  • To aid in clearing customs with Jefferson-issued equipment, employees may obtain a signed Certification confirming the equipment belongs to Jefferson and can be legally exported. To obtain this certification, contact exportcontrol@jefferson.edu.
  • Change passwords on all devices. DO NOT use the same password for personal and work devices.
  • Run any software updates prior to departure to ensure data is protected and encrypted. Device Operating Systems should be up-to-date and fully patched.

During International Travel

  • ALWAYS connect to the VPN when using Jefferson-issued devices
  • Do NOT transport electronic devices in checked baggage
  • Do NOT leave devices unattended or in an unsafe environment while not in use
  • NEVER use shared computers in public areas, hotel business centers, or cybercafés
  • Turn off devices, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when not in use
  • Do NOT click on suspicious links or prompts
  • AVOID public Wi-Fi networks. Some countries are controlled by unsafe security services
  • Do NOT use external hard drives or USB drives other than Jefferson-provided equipment

Upon Return

  • Report any suspicious activity or security concerns to Jefferson’s Information Services & Technology (IS&T) office at 215-503-7975
  • Change any passwords you may have used while travelling
  • Contact the IS&T Solution Center (https://jefferson.service-now.com) to transfer newly created data to your standard Jefferson device

For questions, please contact: ExportControl@Jefferson.edu.