Student Counseling Center - Center City

Matthew Wintersteen, PhD
Project Director
Education Sub-Committee Chair

Ginger Biddle, PhD, RN, CRNP
Co-Director, Promoting Healthy
Behaviors Sub-Committee Chair

Shawn Blue, PsyD
Co-Director, Heightened Awareness Sub-Committee Chair

Deanna Nobleza, MD
Co-Director, Linkages to Services Sub-Committee Chair

Rose Milani
Project Coordinator


Name: Student Counseling Center
Department: Jefferson - Center City Campus

33 S. Ninth Street
Suite 230
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact Number(s):

Help Hotline

Contact Number(s):

Student Counseling Center Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For counseling, health services, and support group information at Jefferson
Off Campus: 215-955-HELP (4357)

The Shrink Space

A referral website for connection to off-campus community mental health care providers.

What Is JeffHELP?

JeffHELP is a grant-funded project aimed at developing a sustainable mental health awareness and suicide prevention program for the entire Jefferson community through:

H – Heightened Awareness
E – Educational Enhancements
L – Linkages to Services
P – Promoting Healthy Behaviors

H – Heightened Awareness
The main focus is to increase awareness of suicide and associated risk factors through outreach to students, faculty, and staff. This will be accomplished through print materials, videos, and use of our website.

E – Educational Enhancements
Our educational mission is to inform the community about suicide risk factors, warning signs, and risk assessment. In accomplishing this, we will place clinical training sessions into existing curricula in all colleges, offer training to faculty through Grand Rounds and other venues, and use our website to provide further educational opportunities, including resources and online trainings.

L – Linkages to Services
This objective includes strategies to promote counseling services available to students, faculty, and staff at Jefferson. This will include several efforts to better identify and engage students who may be at increased risk for suicide, and working with FIRSTCALL to help link faculty and staff to EAP resources.

P – Promoting Healthy Behaviors
This objective focuses on promoting health practices to increase wellness and improve mental health. This will be accomplished by working with existing services at Jefferson to develop supportive networks and options for students and employees (both university and hospital) to address quality of life, stress, conflict, resilience, spirituality, etc., and provide support for survivors of those who have died by suicide.

For more information about JeffHELP, click here.

How Can I Help?

Participation in JeffHELP is open to every member of the Jefferson community; all students, faculty, and staff. We are looking for motivated individuals to assist in all aspects of the project, from attending planning meetings to distributing materials to generating new ideas to present before senior leadership at Jefferson. Everyone is welcome and no amount of involvement is too small.

Please contact Rose Milani or 215-503-6456, or visit us at JeffHELP.